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The smartphone bill promised Samsung the msc series, many of which were introduced. Last November, a prototype, an end product, was made, and this year was 20 years old. However, it was not a monster. And not later at the Mobile World Congress, where the company hid it in a specially lit security glass. And so, even in Barcelona, ​​the professional public had to finally forget the possibility of this revolutionary novelty.

Currently a video leaked to the Internet, which captures the Galaxy Fold fully functional. Youtub's phoneoftime channel toti released the USATAT & T weapons.

Pedvd him both in the curtain and in the open position. In the first mode, the large internal screen may have a severe illness that is unacceptable due to high prices. By means of a flexible screen, that is, in its curve, this is remarkably rha. Samsung, for this revolutionary novelty, will have a minimum of $ 1,980, or $ 45,000.

Probably the video should be in Vietnam. He did not launch it, first, according to the SamMobile port, which was the first to alert the video, and Samsung has several research and development activities.

Also includes how easy it is to manipulate Samsung. The author of the videocassette lec at the table like a book with only one hand. A clear idea can also be given about simplicity, the contents of the internal screen for the phone folder is displayed on the display. It will also work opan. This allows the user to continue working on the layout and layout of the phone, even when the monitor is finished on the second monitor.

The Portl Android Authority says in the video that the final product can not be captured in the video on April 26. Also suggests that it is a poor copy. The first to be able to look at the quality and workmanship of Samsung will probably be confirmed by the recipients of Jin Korea and the US. Samsung Galaxy Fold should also enter the eskm market, there will be two not in the second half of the year.

Samsung's Revolun novelty features a two-inch screen with a 4.6-inch internal background and a 7.3-inch internal background. : those on the walls, one above the external display, and two on the internal display.

Samsung zan mobiln zvody. The smartphone will open a new ru

The heart of the phone is the 8-core Snapdragon 855 processor combined with a 12GB opera memory. The internal capacity is 512 GB. The operating system is Android 9. The 2 dl batteries with total capacity of 4,380 mAh and the wireless support are charged.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer of mobile devices to launch a smartphone bill. Likewise, Xiaomi and LG are preparing a phone, and Motorola is in the same. The main competitor will be Huawei, which has its own tablet
Mate X was later introduced at the MWC in Barcelona. Even Huawei did not offer a professional audience with a novelty, which, by the way, will cost about ten thousand drachs Samsung list. The people of Huaweie, however, presented it to the Dutch newspaper (see VIDEO: How to fold Nov Mate X up close and naive).

You can not forget about the not-so-known Royole character, who was the first to introduce a smartphone to his smartphone (see the totally unknown signal of a giant fish? M smartphone). It is not about the mass of the product is on the demonstration of technological advancement, the company specializes in flexible displays. The FlexPay not only proves that the manufacturer is a technology supplier, not an appliance manufacturer (see Pt large: an unpleasant sample showed the future of cell phones).

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