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What happened to the Grand Prix of Brazil in the Grand Duchy? The Red Bulle driver Max Verstappen was doing a great job. Gradually, he entered the lead and was faster than his team. In the 44th round, Sebastien Ocona took the round. The Frenchman did not diminish the habit, as usual, but struggled to compete with the leader. He did not want to do this, and he was in prison for his Force India car.

Natvan Verstappen got the watch and fell for the city type with five seconds from Hamilton. Although he could poke the car with the wagon, he managed to pull the soup, but ended up finishing 1.5 seconds per second. Ocon for the incident has a penalty of ten seconds suspended in boxing, that after the incident, he graduated.

Verstappen was on the runway to Ocona and after a collision with him, he crashed into the depot and invaded several times. Today we did everything right. And then the idiot walks in and out when he rides his bike, said Verstappen. He was punished for it and it was clear who was wrong. J was punished for being out of pocket. But you've been laughing for fifteen years … he added.

What the hell was Ocon thinking, huh? Of course, his car is in a straight line, but for a ride with a leading driver, when it is not very fast, he was behind and hitting from inside, Red Bull Christian Horner.

Ocon was the same as Force India guided, he did nothing. I went for two rounds and was not fast enough in both. And because of the rules of the year I want to go before the water and get the position back, if I go fast, I did it, mind a great race that this year in Formula 1 horse, when not reached the creek at the bottom of it.

Max's race after the surprise surprised me and even had to hit the FIA ​​(International Vehicle Federation). He walked over to me and wanted me to wash. This is definitely not a professional breed, he continued to dislike the creature.

Verstappen's purse did not miss his words. On the contrary. We are all in the sport of picking, and it would be rusty if I gave it to him, said Verstappen. I do not care what people think about you. I am a vtz. And when, so, about making a game of money and going to her stupidity, I do not care about it, he did.

Ocona was champion of the World Champion Hamilton, according to the hot head of Verstappen, to care less and he would not become an accident in his city. Verstappen's purse slipped out of his hand. It was easy for the Dutch rider to catch up with him when he did not sleep. Yeah, well, ct: Max, you let him have some space. But we did not spoil it together, and did not ask for it, quoted BBC server Verstappen.

FIA International Vehicles called on the two drivers after drifting. Betting on boxes definitely is not what I should have and wanted to present Formula 1.

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