Vaculk and Hrubeov met after the camera more than 30 years ago


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Luke and I had seen one of the projects for about three years, but we just went there, we did not go together. I feel that in such cooperation and intensities we can actually see after about thirty years, revealed Markta Hrubeov.

So many years have passed since Karel Kachyna's film about a young eskho ship from Svorek with Commander Hitlerjugend Ulrike von Polcho. For Hrubeova, ten years, it was the first big film in which she got a naked scene.

They decided to give birth. Reisr sat with them, she was not there and he talked to them. They did not want to knock me down, she told the actress after years by and remembered the reaction of the press then. Especially Rud was the first. As the comments were written there, that was true. At that time they could not criticize the dog, it is a film about the German door and eskm boy. The review was not positive, apart from that eroticism, which is legran, because almost nn nen. Luke Vaculk kisses my knee, we wake up the name because of the fleas that bite, and that's in. It has nothing to do with eroticism.

When he first met Luke Vaculko after years, it made me very happy and there was a lot of cooperation.

Luk has not changed anything, he's under the same. I'm wondering who I met him, he's a gold, a promising actor who, in the form of the Dark Country, seems to be the new figure of Mary Koen.

I have the role of the wife of the regional police director, David Suchapa. It is a perfect housewife, but like, when something looks perfect, under the hood is completely different. He gradually discovers that there are many obscure things that he will have to solve. Also revealing the secrets that lie around him reveals the role of Hrubeov.

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