US stocks rise to record highs


The S & P 500 continued to grow at a rate of 2938 points, even at a slower pace, after seven-thirty. The Dow Jones also scored less than one percent and rose to 26,614 points at the time. The Nasdaq technology market index even rose more than 1 percent early in the trading session, then slowed to less than one percent at 8014 points.

Just before 9 pm, the Dow Jones and Nasdaq indices grew just half a percent. The Dow Jones hit 26,614 points, the Nasdaq 8038 points. The best was the S & P 500, which added 0.7 percent to 2948 points.

After eleven-thirty, the S & P 500 accelerated growth by almost one percent to 2954 points. Dow Jones grew at the same rate, reaching 26,753 points. Nasdaq scored 0.8 percent and scored 8051 points.

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US stocks have soared in recent weeks. They were bolstered by increased confidence in interest rate cuts. In addition, the US Central Bank Monetary Committee decided on Wednesday to leave interest rates unchanged and suggested a possible cut in interest rates this year.

At the same time, the Fed said it was determined to counter the growing global and domestic economic risks associated with concerns over the US-China trade war and the possibility of halting economic growth. He joined other central banks, such as Europeans or Australians, who showed this week that more political incentives are needed to boost growth.

"The Fed's action was exactly what market participants needed to hear." The continuation of the US trade war with China could be a catalyst for the recession, and interest cuts could be seen as preventative measures by the Fed to avoid " "he said. analyst Robert Johnson of Economic Index Associates in New York, according to Reuters.

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