Unlimited data slides echoes. The web operator paralyzed the high impact


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Anyone who wanted to discover information about the summer events of the unlimited data package on the T-Mobile pages during the day had to shield the indulgence. On the web, there were errors with excuses and information that the work is being done intensively in the configuration. People also turned to the opera on this subject through their official Facebook posts.

Good morning, it's system. Please ask for the enthusiasm, explains the T-Mobile employee about the problem of displaying the site correctly.

The system was confirmed by the editorial team of Mobil.iDNES.cz and the T-Mobile talk Martin Kemrov.

The web b, but the truth is that people can hit obscure inaccessibility. It is in connection with the large size of unlimited data, said with operator operation registered in stores and the information line.

In this case, we recommend downloading the application and enabling unlimited data in just one click, added Kemrov.

Problems, however, were also recorded with the self-service, ie the T-Mobile application. The first time you need to activate the summer pack is.

The Operator's deputy explained this complication to Facebook in the spirit of the spirit: The heat of the last days was in our application and also a lot of summer. The request recommended that it be repeated later.

Data's unlimited summer event was introduced by T-Mobile on Monday, June 17. Customers pay nothing for a special package, they have to activate it in a different way, ie in the Tj Mobile Mobile Store. He should do it even after it expires. Especially the summer offer is valid only until August 31, full time, on the day the package is deactivated (for more details, see T-Mobile dv for unlimited data, free for rates and pre-payments).

Unlimited data can also be viewed by clients with a contract. They have a daring offer of summer is not determined. The reason for this is that, under the negotiated tariff conditions, they are created individually. For other customers with non-standard rates, the operator can not install the T-Mobile application.

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