Unexpected decision! Meghan and Harry will soon leave Britain!


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry await the arrival of the first offspring every day. Before birth they moved to a new residence near Windsor Castle. But as they look, they may soon pack up again! And this time they will advance much more!

According to British media, Meghan and Harry received a large international job offer from Buckingham Palace. If they accept, it means they will soon have to move again! But this time it will be a little further!

The couple could move to Africa for several years to work in the Commonwealth and also for charity work. For example, Botswana may be the destination.

According to The Sunday Times, David Manning, a former British ambassador to the United States and special advisor on constitutional and international affairs for Prince William and Harry, is behind the plan.

The new role would allow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to cut off the problems and speculations that accompanied the alleged misunderstandings with William and especially his wife Kate. In addition, Harry and Meghan would gain global popularity with this step!

The UK may leave for two to three years, but discussions about its change are still in their early stages. The decision seems to fall through 2020. Harry's close ties with the African continent and he has been visiting regularly for several years.


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