Unáhlená elektromobilita? The price of hydrogen-powered cars will decline to the level of hybrids within ten years, says Toyota


Hydrogen cars or fuel cell cars are already on the market. These include Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo. As the world rushes to the world of electric cars, the voices are stronger than hydrogen is more the future. And even if those cars are too expensive today. But it is also the largest automaker in the world, Toyota.

"We really expect the price of the third generation fuel cell to be comparable to hybrids," said Matt Harrison, European sales and marketing director. He added that Toyota is no further from launching second-generation sales, with the third generation appearing in ten years.

Hyundai Nexus  t

Hyundai Nexus t

PHOTO: Hyundai

Current leadership in electric vehicle technology is, according to Toyota, a longer development time and a much more affordable charging infrastructure. On the contrary, hydrogen recharge stations are only a few dozen in Europe.

Returning to hydrogen, experts expect hydrogen technology to be similar to hybrids because of their perspectives. It was only the first Toyota award in 1997 that reduced the price of hybrid technology by 75 percent.

Platinum Reasons

One of the main reasons why fuel cells are more expensive than the technology for electric and hybrid cars is the use of platinum in their production. Thus, the journey leads to a reduction in the consumption of this metal per car.

Bosch's technology company, which wants to enter the hydrogen market, promises to make technology cheaper, while reducing the consumption of precious metals. The Bosch design requires only a similar amount of platinum as catalysts for today's diesel engines.


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