Thursday , October 21 2021

Ubisoft on E3 captivated with the Legion Watch Dogs, also introduced the new Ghost Recon


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After the musical presentation of the water, which the orchestra performed to play music of the Assassins Creed, she still dreamed of the most powerful piece of verse. Introduced Watch Legion of Dogs not just in terms of graphics but also in the non-traditional concept where any character from the metropolis of London.

Hacking drone and the destruction of police stanzas can not be seen in the game every day. Surprisingly, it works great all the time, you touch our first impression of the edges. At Legion, let's go for a while, or your release is full at 6:00 p.m. by 2020. By the end of the year, the bonds will be rich.

Ubisoft also announced full coverage of television production at the conference. He works for Netflix division-based movie and especially the characters play Jake Gylenhaal and Jessica Chastain. For Apple TV Plus, there is again a story about the egocentric director of the development of the game with a new name Mythical Mission: Crows Banquet.

But back to the game. In the warriorBrawlhalla to discover the character of Adventure Time. The teasers were getting new content for the current bc season in action tactic Six of the rainbow: siege.

Populrn character with dock at the end of the year gave games with the bass Rainbow Six: Quarantine. Will fight against unspecified parasites in dark darkness (maybe something for zombies). Filmeek ml strongly horrified and empowered he urit not to.

Of course, Ubisoft could not forget the upcoming news Ghost Recon: Breakpointin which the bandit takes the actor Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead, Punisher). In addition to two impressive trailers, the actor introduced the actor to the stage, where he even brought a dog. We did not know much about the new information.

The Slist opt ​​can play with sweat-controlled parks and, above all, with the character of a great command, which is comfortable to train and build on the drive.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint by Tom Clancy
Ghost Recon Breakpoint by Tom Clancy
Ghost Recon Breakpoint by Tom Clancy

Ghost Recon Breakpoint by Tom Clancy

The Ghost Recon Delta Company community program was also highlighted as an intensive social extension of the game as well as playing with the dark of the game. But we do not know exactly how this works. Breakpoint will be released on day 4, it will have a beta that will be on the 5th. The presentation was closed by a teaser in an event with a terminator.

Ubisoft also remembered its active game, and that's itFor honor. Aktuln event Shadows of Hitokiri with a new salary until June 27.

Not forgotten Division 2. Everyone can play here for free from June 13 to 16. The first big drink born in July and play on site to explore Washington. The year-end type of package at the Pentagon and the Pinese in the game gave the attack. Tet is full of prisons in 2020 and attracts pbhu fans. All great born are free in Division 2.

New with lowRoller Champions then cl to an audience similar to the competitor of the Rocket League. The Futuristick sport combines speed skating and basketball with a visule for Fortnite. You will only play the game on PC and the current demo will remain in uPlay until June 14.

Not even this year, the performance of the song was missing Dance 2020 only. In addition to the current platforms, it is up to the Nintendo Wii. Then Ubisoft tied with the mobile title, which is called Tom Clancys: Elite Troop and the pipomenemaximin version of the division. If you want a new game with Sam Fischer, here the old ones. The main hero of Splinter Cell in n toti.

The mole teaser was also a novelty Gods and monsters, with a visule resembling Zeld. Get out on February 25th.

Ubisoft also unveiled the original pedplatn version of Origin Access. Uplay Plus will be available on the PC for 15 euros msn and will offer full access to more than 100 games in uPlay with all available expansion packs. Interestingly, the service will work in combination with a streaming dog on Google Stages and in fact, uPlay Plus will even pay even if you do not start the games in the weak pot. That is, in case Stadia sometimes leaves.

The Ubisoft conference with the Watch Dogs Legion offered the strongest E3 title, but most of all it gradually dropped a bit. Whatever the cooperation with Nintendo or the big surprise this year, Splinter Cell and the adventures of pirtsk, Skull & Bones, did not get there either. and Beyond Good & Evil 2 leton ronk E3 pesko, we got married before, pesto absence of such games frost.

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