Two movies, is it a night? Tvrst tylstku odpov za Scna


From the movie The Great Adventures of Tylstku

| Photograph: Hawk

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The first tylstek came out on May 15, 1969. Today, the man's popularity was invented by Nmek – Jaroslava Lucie, originally just for his son. Soon they joined Ljuba tplov, who wrote scenes at his death.

SynVt Nmeekse later left the family publishing house and married his father's work. At this point, the strategist of the film Tylstku Velk Dobrodruzstvi, which, unlike the first, was created according to the drawings and not 3D animation.

Probably the most famous Czech actor dabr Bohdan Tma, voiced by Jim Carrey or Wesley Snipes, spoke to Pop in the previous film. Sm was a big fan of Tylstek.

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