Two accidents in three hours! Leaders did not benefit, 10 people were injured


The terrible collision of the wagon and minibus on Mikulov I / 52 road has become a notorious crossroads. According to the police, a car driver did not like the minibus that came to an end after the crash. Six people were injured in the accident. The worst injury was suffered by an older foreigner.

"This was a moderate chest injury and the surgeon handed the patient the pre-hospital care and then transported the helicopter to the traumatic center of the Bohunice University Hospital," said Hedvika Kropáčková, a spokeswoman for rescue work in South Moravia.

Other passengers were happily released with minor injuries, and ambulances were taken to Břeclav's hospital.

Three hours later, two cars collided in the same place. And again, one of the racers did not give the other the advantage when he turned around. "The rescuers took care of four slightly injured young men," said Kropáčková.

According to the ranking of the most dangerous places, the Czech Republic's Seventh Accident of Serious Accidents, though there are retarders and reflective elements. The situation can solve Mikulov's planned bypass.


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