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I decide not just because of the time, which is great, but probably would be better, but especially in relation to how the new multifunctional arena project is being developed. Ctm, is and with that dream cel to family komeck family. And I will always be wherever the comet will need, see the Brno club during the play off in an interview with MF DNES.

The mole before the beginning of the Easter worlds was so certain about his first impression of hockey at Brno that he could count his end as a public song.

In the direction of the multifunctional arena, my asthma is indispensable. So we need to make changes to the management of Comet. We retain responsibilities that we delegated to other staff after we entered stdak. In fact, because I choose the first choice and change the Comet changes again, Zbransk said in his statement.

In the father of the trenra, who will take Komet in extralea in nm, in Zbransk – de – to clean. In the city of Olomouc, he spent 59 years practicing Petr Fiala, former coach of Kladno, Jihlava, Litvinov and Olomouc.

Zbransk in the role of koue

He brought the stars and celebrated with them two titles. Libor Zbransk as the head of the Comet since the play-off in 2016 after the semifinal

nor 2016: Pevzet msta koue

After the 43rd round and the dismissal of Alois Hadamczik, the owner of Comet decided to get his experience with the thorn and the jump to the bank A darkness and led the coach. Mustvo rose to 10th city, his debut ended with a 2: 5 defeat at Olomouc. He arrived at the comet on the 9th and then went to school.

Bezen 2016: Pedkolo Lost

Those heavy portions meant being eliminated with Chomutov. For Zbransk, the bag was not only a defeat but also a partner to get a job. He decided to continue avoiding a similar accident in the future.

Lto 2016: Star Pact

For the 2016/17 season, Zbransk was involved in playing the game as a representative invites stars into the dark. Martin Erat, Ondej Nmec, Martin Zaovi and Marek Kvapil created a pact of which he was afraid.

Season 2016/17: First Title

Entering the elite estk and then striking – it reached Zbransk in the middle. In January, kdr added a ride on Jakub Krejk's armor and became a play off. That went through Bran with a 12: 2 balance and a title. Mission Accomplished.

Season 2017/18: Mistrovsk repeats

rtm stayed and with the exception of a few, then Zbransk applied the same recipe. In January at such a strong moment called the center of Peter Holka and throw away, then brought some photos of the Comet.

Season 2018/19: Last Journey

Two seasons of championship chose the da da, after leaving the line the support of the Comet searched its tv. Zbransk as a manaer not as a body, and when the project vigorously coupled the construction of the new hall, was for him sign, to cling completely in this cl and nael to another trenra.

This change is not officially confirmed. According to information from MF DNES, it was announced and planned for April and May.

He was watching the new Trenr in the play off

Of course, Zbransk's gaze from his own adventurer stopped at Olomouc with Petr Fiala, and he started rehearsing hockey in the middle of this day. For a long time, a sack of pesto in the way of a non-smoking sled seems to be surprising, but from the point of view of the comet is not hastily. The long-time Kladensk tonk has confirmed that Brno Mustvo watched the season in the game.

I'm probably not the only candidate, but I'm in contact with Mr. Zbransk and I hope that happens, said Fiala on Friday. I went to the cel comet play out, I saw some time at the end of the game, also the contact for a relatively long time. I accept while we (together with Zbransk) talk about it. Should be in the position of the main trenra, but it is not done, it hit.

This is a very sensitive step for Zbransk. Unlike previous years, when the owner of the comet changed the trinity sometimes even in the season, in this case he must take into account the new realities of darkness accomplished as he defined it. Sm was a smoke that ran back, but it was not much of a crack. This work was done by friction aids.

Leave the model in bhu and place yourself in the Trenck puzzle to reach Fiala, or do you bother with the main practice of Trenro and his assistant?

Personally, rd up to 14 days in the realization of darkness, including the main corner closed, Zbransk said in general.

His results earned him an offer of representation

Due to the number of functions in Komet m, Zbransk considered his back from the bank to the office in Vcekrt. For example, last year after the championship title, first to Brno after 51 years. In a way, he closed a hand – punching Komet in a hockey thorn that had been his dream since the 2004/05 season, when he became the club's majority owner.

The comet's owner was also sleeping last year after a second title, when he considered the offer extraordinarily. He was drinking, and Komet had finally refused.

This is a good reason to prolong your extralarge stasis. The first gold was the comet dothla in the title of sweat to the head of Jihlava and gave the year to bake what he did. It was an ancestor to complete hat-trick gold which is a unique event – the last time Vsetn did it in the last century. To imitate him, Brno's bag does not.

Zbransk facilitated decision-making

Regardless of the accumulation of functions of Zbransk with tm, as it can position the pin of the owner kouujcho, satisfied.

Libor Z

I was surrounded by good people, able to implement my thoughts. Mon mm and his in the game. What I agree with when I sign the contract, I'm much more likely to be involved in coaching. There is a problem with a situation where we have a coach and a coach who is playing differently. When do I choose to play exactly in the city and in what way? That's what they do to keep my bikes running. And here it was, we had to be clear about the kits at the time of your skldn. I never let Trenry talk about it, he interrupted in an interview for Sport.

Circumstances and time pressure the bag eventually forced the furnace to fit a suitable model to drill back in time, not entering stdak.

Pressure in Komet? Rodie can also do this, for Fiala

Petr Fiala, a Prask family, made his name in Moravia. There were two approaches to extraleague, which was first presented to him in 2004 in Jihlav and ten years later in Olomouc. He has been there since 2007, he left the first league and won, and after eight seasons ended, he took the city out of the account.

Except for the fact that his career is twenties is of twenty years duration, Fiala worked mainly as one of his sons in the angih of Jihlava (where he was also paired with Petr Vlk). For Olomouc, it was called as a novelty in 2015 in Bari. Fiala made her feel bad and the club was in charge of Zdeněk Vener.

Petr Fiala

Fiala made a 59-year-old photo about how good he would join Komet in bhem play off. The comet is at the top of the list of foreigners, their titles and leton advance to the semifinals of lectures. Even the pedtm was gentle. All this is appropriate. I know when I see a fan it will not be easy, but … I can tell him that when you spend billions, hundreds of people and the pressure is enough, Fiala was laughing. I did a lot for a long time and the assistant, or the head coach, and actually did the work in Brno. Cometa's favor, he forgot the future.

He was approached in the city's main train, a bag full of realism about how his wheels would have been determined – if they'd told him what he had not done so far.

Due to the previous Olomouc link from Fialova on the Bee, the phenomenon as one of the futures of Comet's future will be built on its own growth. With approval from tm Fiala. Karel Plek was playing for her, he also played games in play off. When you ask yourself what the results of a bill in Brno would look like, it would be a good idea not to go into it. But let's go. We can talk about it and, if it does, added Fiala.

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