This is not a sports car! Toyot has emission limits to sell the Camry


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Toyota Camry is the world's best-selling sedan segment D, the mid-range. Since 1982, the dog has sold nineteen million in seven generations. Nejpopulrnj is in the US where rum customers will carry around 430,000 showroom pieces. But in Europe, it has not been sold since 2004. In the current generation of eight, Toyota is trying to return this Ameriana to a work denomination – for Europe, the car itself will leave Japan.

The Camry is a little obvious in the eskm, but also in the European market. And in many ways. While the competitor is playing on the sports note, he is paying more attention to connectivity, plenty of space, so the camry obviously wants to be a kind of calm on the bottom of the world.

f Akido characters Toyoda recently announced a no more annoying car password, so dn gave a boring car, which was somewhat contradictory with the darkness of the presentation put on the vbr just between the blm and edive car. And even in the supply of colors in the price is just a vivid red veneer, but in fact the character of the response of the car. In the camry you should just turn off and forget the stress and you will not be attracted by yourself.

The successor of the automaker for the first tasting we had with the nearby car of the Croatian ibeniku repeated several times that this is not a sports car.

Please silence

Interir is devoid of design curls and is particularly important. Where, in addition to the spectacular silver braids, digital booths and other stereotypes, you find the Camry a vivid dominant line in the form of a thunder wave from the half-tunnel to the dashboard, clearly visible, large-scale instruments.

The 10-inch centered display of Toyota's tradition in blue with a touch of somewhat poor touch screen is a bit obscure and not fully touch sensitive. Even the connectivity is just a long time to the opponent's oven. It's so cool that the car is great to see in all directions. But especially the interior is quiet. In principle, do not know if the combustion engine is working or not. And when you press the accelerator pedal, the drive system will sound.

This makes Toyota more spacious. All seats are well formed and comfortable even on long trips. The producer points out that there is no city in the back of the passage and wants to compare even with the superb. The place is urit krlovsky, but mon is the bottom of the camry seat. Kadopdn between the knees and the front seats is in the superbu urit msta vc.

Do not even take Bohuel's suitcase to the top. 500 or 524 liters depending on whether the backrest is 60:40 or 40:20:40. For the type, the volume is reduced, but the backrests are electrically adjustable and there is a system touch on the armrest, allowing control of air conditioning, audio and backrest tilt. Hybrid batteries are stored under the rear seats and do not restrict luggage space. You can find a liter here, not in the Ford Mondeo or the Passate GTE.

Hybrid and nothing hybrid

You can choose from a total of a combination of engine / gearbox. In some markets there is only one version of the combustion engine, but only the hybrid engine that combines a 2.5-liter petrol engine with a 2.5-liter petrol cylinder will be introduced on the Czech market. If we do not swallow the Prius, the Camry is the first big model to show just the hybrid machine.

Toyota Camry 2019

It is the same aggregate as the RAV4 hybrid. The power of the systems is 160 kW / 218 with. However, it is mainly consumption, or in this case, sp. With these camry counterparts, it reached the value of 98 grams of CO2/ km Consumption of 4.3 l / 100 km. Although we have not achieved this, we move between 5 and 6 liters, while we still return to the lower limit. What is a great performance? Electricity is short-term to accelerate up to 125 kilometers in hours.

The dynamic does not diminish what the other manufacturer does not promise, but the accelerated value to one hundred in 8.3 seconds is sufficient due to the character of the car. The system is so complex (an intelligent variable valve is controlled by an electric motor, an exhaust gas recirculation system, an oil pump with variable capacity), so do not fix it at home in the garage. Camry buyers will really be out of Toyota's showrooms, general service, and electric-driven cars, except that the more sophisticated repairs leave nothing like you. Anyone who buys a hybrid always heads for a signage service with Toyota.

The hybrid system also includes the new Shiftmatic Sequence technology, which virtually allows the center console to be centralized. The system therefore very quickly mimics the very fast automatic transmission.

The high rigidity body is built on the chassis, which is a breeze for the McPherson struts and the rear of the new twin arms. Shock absorbers with pop-up valves have been developed recently forwards and backwards. The result is a reasonable combination of comfort and stability in detentions. Due to the tranquility of the landscape and the unevenness of the innocence of the innocent. This changes the silence of the decks of tomorrow's welfare.

That makes sense? As for who

Finann crisis has taken America of Europe for the moment, but you burl mslo on the most European toast to take off. Not everything you get in America works in Europe. You may not expect the Toyota Camry to be as popular with the US as the wand of the mainland. Amerian loves the great comfort of gasoline engines. But in the Czech Republic passat or superb diesel, especially on the property (here camry does not offer), under the symbol of haste and practical family servants. Camry is a porn and car movie, but who would buy it?

Toyota Camry 2.5L Hybrid

  • gasoline engine + electric motor
  • Maximum power: 160 kW / 218 hp
  • Maximum speed: 180 km / h
  • Accelerated 0-100 km / h: 8.3 sec
  • Gear box: eCVT with three virtual levels
  • Consumption: (producer): 4.3
  • Prmrn point (test): 5.5 liters
  • Length (mm): 4885/1840
  • Cover / Wheelbase (mm): 1445/2825
  • Trunk Volume: 525 liters
  • Model properties: 920 thousand crowns

With the dark we could be closed. But that would be a little different and superficial.

Toyota is not even neoekv as a vicious sale from prison to the list. Your full bag is clear and logical. Camry is the exact car of a company manager who limits the car to millions of kronor and creates a corporate policy to search for a car with emissions below 100 grams of CO2/ km And these companies pibv. At that time, Toyota is here and for him: if he wants to launch and meet the conditions you employ a dv, they have thrown themselves in a diesel and bought a Camry.

Hybrids are the best environmental choice right now. With little consumption, but unlike an electric car, it does not emit anywhere that is not in the air (you need to be electric).

Prices are not exactly adjusted against diesel passat and superbo. The cost of the camry is 920,000 crowns with a fairly rich set of features such as LED lights, automatic switching lights, adaptive cruise control, dual climate automatic control and multimedia rear view camera system. Toyota has consumed more, the Prestige's top-end range to 950,000 crowns is like the VW Passat 2.0 TDI with the price of 948,500 crowns (the camry will offer more for 130,000 crowns, the passat has extra features for 70,000 crowns).

Likewise, the camry represents the Superb 2.0 TDI for 939,900 kroner. In addition to all corporate customers, Toyota now has a fifteen percent discount (similar to the competition). And that the pressure on CO2 they will not only be changed in the legislation, but also in the conscience of the clients. Grab a camry is a car you will not be buying your head off with. But why not?

Toyota Camry 2019

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