They sell goats to run the paradise. Czech aces already have an apartment in Kenya, and it has been popular with cows' stomachs


Michal Krumphanzl, ČTK

On Thursday he arrived on Saturday for the Prague Half Marathon (on Saturday, starting at 9:50 in the ČT sport), already on his fifth Kenyan stay, in Iten he rents an apartment all year round.

"It will cost about 1200 crowns a month, it is a house for four people," Homoláč describes. No luxury, when taking a shower, he has to take the cold water. "I could get warm, but when you cool down after a workout, it's a shock and the body absorbs fatigue better," he says.

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From home again home.? čas It's not easy here, I would never say never. When there is no person poisoned by food (this year really 1x and 3 times a bit), then it is done training. When the water is flowing, it is only cold. When the wind is blowing, it feels so good. From the photos it looks cool, but it's a difficult job. But the point is to get out of the comfort zone and go to your goal. Train hard, win easy, as the locals say. Just come here, but I'll be happy to return. Whether it's training, friends, the best goat's stomachs at the Chepkoilel junction after track training, or just for the freedom and simplicity of life. Yes, and here I am waiting for my dog ​​"Blešák" and my apartment, which I rent all year round to return to mine. # Run #iten #runningterritory #instarunners #bieganie #laufen #czechboy #czechteam #runczech #pragao #kenya #runnerspace #gorun #motivacao #inspiracao

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Kenya has grown in your heart, even eating with the locals. "I ate a lot of beans with corn and rice, this year I discovered cow and kid's stomachs, a real delicacy," he says enthusiastically. "Most of the time they are not cooked at twelve, but maybe only at eleven-thirty, so sometimes I pushed for training. He can taste it, it's delicious with rice or pork storks," he says.

He had already poisoned the stomach several times, but paradoxically always when he left the classic Kenyan diet. "The problem came after we went to the hotel to get something good. And then they did not make me good fries, "she recalls.

The training returns five pounds lighter due to diet, lifestyle and of course hard training. "I'm trying to look and emulate the best," he says.

He met Elijah Kipchog, the fastest marathon in history, the Swiss superstar and European record holder in the half marathon Julien Wanders, who also found a partner in Kenya.

More and more elite Europeans are going to Iten, Jakub Holuša and Eva Vrabcová Nývltová have also tried to stay in the African mountains this year. "It spreads, everyone sees it as a way to be better," says Homoláč.

Of the left runners Amy Cragg, Jiri Homolac, Stephen Kiprop and Fancy Chemutai before the Prague Half Marathon.

Michal Krumphanzl, ČTK

"Even the environment is improving every year. There was a lot of clutter in place, and now they were banned from plastic bags and garbage collection. More often they check the driver because some cars are in a bad state, "said a runner who brought a Kenyan friend back to the Czech Republic and on Saturday he will be driving his dreams with less than 63 minutes in the half marathon.

One of the favorites of the race will be Stephen Kiprop, who is also preparing in Iten. "I had to gradually sell three goats to live and practice there," said the world's fastest half marathon this year. "But when I was successful, I could have bought new goats," she says.

French star and record holder of the Maldives
The initial list of the Prague Half Marathon has a varied composition. Six runners with a personal record under the hour are the Kenyan Stephen Kiprop, who ran 58:42 this year. The French star of Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad, who has three Olympic medals at home but also notorious pet attacks on European championships and declassifications after stripping the shirt at the finish line, will also be in the beginning. The recovery is the beginning of the Maldives' record holder Shifaz Mohammed, who, like several other elite runners, is preparing at the Kenyan cross-country center in Iten.


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