These infant foods contain dangerous poisons, you do not have them to children at home? –


The DM drugstore network reported on Facebook about Babylove BIO baby food downloads. The control was found to contain traces of aflatoxin poisons that can cause acute intoxication. If you have them at home, bring them back to the store where you will be reimbursed.

4. 4. 2019 19.00 |
Author Eliška Reiglová

Drugstore DM reported on their baby food on their Facebook page. Although
some customers are angry, most of them appreciate
sincerity. In fact, these infant foods can cause acute and chronic
definitely not appropriate to give them.

Specific information was posted on Facebook. "Expensive
clients, dear clients, we inform you openly about everything and information
we do not hide from you, even if something is not what we want. That's why you
we want to draw attention to the download of fruit side dishes Babylove BIO 190 g,
strawberry, raspberry and apple, from the end of the 4th month, with the minimum date
durability 16. 10. 2020, fruit plate Babylove BIO 190 g, peach,
190 g, from the end of the 4th month, with date
minimum durability 16. 10. 2020, fruit plate Babylove BIO 190 g,
mango and pomegranate, from the end of the 4th month, with a minimum date
durability October 15, 2020, Babylove biological monitoring in a bag of 90g, strawberry,
banana and muesli, from 1 year of age, with a minimum durability date
October 16, 2020 and October 17, 2020. Download dm de preventivo
reasons, since they were detected in t
traces of aflatoxins. Customers who bought the above products
please do not consume and return them to any dm warranty store
money back without a receipt. The quality of products offered
for us a high priority, so we regret the situation and
we apologize to our customers for this inconvenience "

If you have a small child and buy Babylov baby food, definitely
see if you have one of the above items at home.

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