The Trutnov driver said the cop was drunk. Instead of vacation ended on mobile –


The incident occurred during a normal road inspection when Polk, 64, who was going to recreation in the Krkonoše Mountains, did not watch his foot on the accelerator. The car did not escape the police radar. Police officers stopped the car with a couple of passengers and started the check. They wanted to transfer the offense to the administrative body and deposit the driver with a deposit of ten thousand.

"Due to the seriousness of the offense, the law did not allow the law to resolve it," said Lukáš Vincenc, a police spokesman. The driver and his wife did not agree to bail. "We do not have much money," they said.

The situation grew during the BAC test. Although the stranger did not breathe a fraction of a mile, he accused one of the cops of feeling alcohol. "You told me to breathe in the device, so let him breathe, too," said the Pole, pointing at one of the carriers.

Nobody was drunk

The other officer called the senior officer. He gave both officers a breathing test with a negative result. "A man who, on suspicion of defamation, ended up in a police cell probably was not aware of the gravity of his actions at first, and perhaps not of the fact that he could be punished for unfounded allegations," Vincent said. So, instead of a weekend in the mountains, the Pole spent some time behind the bars of the police station.

On Monday, the driver was treated by the District Court of Trutnov, which expelled the foreigner with immediate effect for three years from the Czech Republic.

"In conclusion, the man paid the deposit after his arrest. For traffic violations, he faces a fine between 5 and 10 thousand crowns and a prohibition to drive for 6 months to a year, "said Vincenc.


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