The stewardess, who was infected with measles on the deck, is in a coma


Israeli airline El Al, which at the end of March during the flight between New York and Tel Aviv has infected measles, is in a coma and is suffering from brain damage in the intensive care unit, the Israeli Ministry of Health reported. According to a ministry spokeswoman, the 43-year-old women experienced complications related to the disease, encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. Israeli paramedics summoned all passengers aboard an airplane that flew from New York on March 26 to seek medical attention immediately if they saw signs of illness.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every 1,000 people who get measles will experience similar complications. Mostly they are children under five and adults over 20 years. Encephalitis can lead to permanent brain damage, deafness or death. As noted by The New York Times, measles symptoms include coryza, cough, red eyes, sensitivity to light and red rash, which usually occur between 10 and 14 days after infection, sometimes between day 6 and day 21.

The case of an Israeli flight attendant is not the only serious case currently being addressed by medical workers in the Jewish state. A 10-year-old boy with measles has recently suffered irreversible brain damage. She is now hospitalized and connected to the breathing apparatus of Petah Tikva Hospital.

The blood tests showed that the flight attendant had been vaccinated in the past but with only one dose of the vaccine instead of the two recommended ones. El Al, in response to this case, ordered that all flight attendants and flight attendants be vaccinated. "The damage is very serious," said Ynet news service medic Avi Lin, who looks after his wife. "We evaluate your status every day and hope that the situation improves," he said.

According to Israeli Ministry of Health records, two million Israelis are only partially vaccinated or unvaccinated. According to Israeli media, this number probably includes people born between 1957 and 1977 who were not vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine. There are also about 45,000 children in the country, mostly from ultra-Orthodox families.

To increase vaccination coverage, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that vaccination centers in the country will remain open during Easter holidays. There has been an increase in measles infections in Israel last year – 3600 people have fallen ill since March 2018, according to official data. Last November, a child succumbed to measles in Jerusalem, the first victim of the disease in Israel in the last 15 years. A month later, a woman of eighty-two died of measles in Israel.

The measles problem is currently being disturbed by the Czech Republic, where significantly more people contracted in the first three months of this year than last year. Experts believe that the spread of measles is, among other things, a decrease in the proportion of vaccinees in the population due to the rejection or postponement of vaccination. Other reasons are the disappearance of the immunity acquired by childhood vaccination in some adults, or the importation of diseases from abroad.


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