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The shocking words of contempt: Priestess Lilia publicly "wavered" in Janeček's ex-wife

In fact, according to, a passionate couple who, in the passion of defending their love, are clearly losing their self-control, do not hesitate to pass on any internal information to people who present themselves under an indefinite nickname. He also mentions the conversation of Janeček and Lily with a wearer acting like Nikki Miller, with whom, in a verbal confrontation, they did not hesitate to disgrace Janeček's ex-wife, Maria, without giving him room for discussion.

Discussion without rules
What did the public know? This is a demonstration of Janek and Lily's innocent communication with Nikki Miller, who started this comment: "I do not understand. Marriage does not work, so I divorce, and then I start looking for who's worth the sin when I have a wife and a small child at home! When your relationship with Lily came out publicly, you wrote on Facebook that it's beautiful with Mario! That he would lie to a man who lives in truth?

And then the anonymity goes on: "And then Maria behaved badly, as Lilia had not forgotten somewhere in the conversation So when will you finally tell her how she really was? How bad and manipulative is Mario? You wrote somewhere a hundred times, "you do not need an anonymous napkin, which according to gives the impression of a person who knows a lot about Janeček's relationships.

Subsequently, the topic jumps to Janeček's divorce: "Otherwise, Lily, when your relationship with Karel broke up, you said somewhere that Charles has a house in Prague with a neutral territory in France, so do not mind that you agreed in being in Paris, "Lilony anonymes.

Lily replies, "Nikki, as far as I know, Charles wrote for the first time now, and the fact that he left her apartment in Prague, even though he also bought her an apartment in Paris, indicates only generosity Of course, I was hoping that when a parallel relationship was going on, the girl would remain predominantly, as promised to Charles, in Paris, "he explains openly.

"Lily, the apartments are fine, but a woman like Marius will still receive a few apartments in her life, or get them with her excellent education. Otherwise, see the photo below that you were really aware of your house in Prague," opposes to the anonymous one, who seems to be defending Janeček's ex-wife, Maria.

"After all, I have the reason, above all, to wish you both success in both jobs and (and as soon as possible!) Love life!" Nikki, I hope you are right. "I imagine an excellent education, for example, for my children, but I respect their opinion, of course," added Janeček's love very insensitive to the "qualities" of Janeček's ex-wife who refused to accept life in an irrational love triangle.

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