The rough juror found the competitor: "I'll stick around!"


The jury had already warned him during the meal preparation. "I would not put it there," said youngest Premek jury, "Do you know what is more food? Of a sea food that is not fit." If you feel that something is wrong you will not be able to use it – Premek explained to Mirek.


GALLERY: MasterChef Česko – Kašpárek setnul konkuriaci

Source: New tv

Radek Kašpárek was the only one who dared to taste the food. The reaction came immediately. The food was coming back. "I'll make a good ride!" Radek even stepped out of the pool to breathe.

Will Mirek have another chance? Or this lack will cost you a place among TOP Czech chefs. MasterChef Culinary Show The Czech Republic is full of challenges and it's up to competitors to face them. You can watch your way to victory every Wednesday on New TV from 9:30 p.m.

The last episode of the MasterChefa is in NovaPlus, all in VOYO. You can find out about the backstage of the program. How does MasterChef see this?


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