The price of onion is growing dramatically, jumped nearly 200% per year –


The rapid rise in the price of onions, according to OSC data, arrived in February, when onion kilo increased nearly 25 percent from 18.09 crowns to 22.58 crowns. Previously, there was a jump last April. At that time, the price of onions for the month was almost 35% higher, going from 13.06 to 17.60 kronor. But the next year, the price rose much higher.

"Since 2018, the normal price of onions has almost tripled. Currently its price is about 36 crowns per kilo. In several chains, however, it attacks the threshold of 45 crowns, "said Petr Miklík of, comparator of shopping pamphlets.

"The price of the onion is rising because of the too hot weather last year in Europe that caused the drought. This markedly affected the crop of this plant. It must therefore be imported from more distant countries, which obviously affects prices, "added Miklík.

Discounts are decreasing, significantly lower

According to Miklik, the average price of onions increased as a result of rising current prices. "It rose by about 15 crowns to an average of 23.90 crowns," he said.

In addition, Miklik said discounts are rarely present due to the fact that they are more expensive due to lower yields. "While we recorded 44 events in the first five months of 2017, there were 25 last year," he said.

"This year, the jail made only 19 of them.

There was also a significant reduction in the average discount. While in June 2017 the discount was 41%, last year was 36% and this year only 16%.


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