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The premiere of the VW Golf VIII is coming: we know what to expect.

Tomorrow night, Volkswagen will present one of the most anticipated models of the year, the eighth generation of the VW Golf.

The debut of the new Golf has been postponed once, but a gala event is scheduled for tomorrow night in Wolfsburg, during which the new model will finally show all its glory. And while design is hardly a secret thanks to spy photographers, the biggest changes occur mostly inside and under the hood.

We know this not only from published sketches, various leaks and speculation, but also from the ability to see, touch and test at least some of its new features. Tomorrow, you can expect not only the complete list of technical and technological innovations that the car manufacturer made a lot, but also our first impressions.

We can't drive yet, but during the static presentation we were able to navigate the new Golf and measure all the important dimensions. In the coming days, you can expect interesting comparisons with the previous generation. And maybe it won't ruin anything if it turns out that the differences aren't that big.

But in terms of design and dimensions similar to the last generation. Many changes have taken place under the hood and inside and offer safety and assistance systems. The new Golf has a truly varied palette of the most sophisticated technologies we know of the larger, higher-end Volkswagen models.

In addition, since the rejuvenated Czech VW Passat was introduced, we know that the new Golf will also feature Volkswagen We 's ecosystem Volkswagen We (the infotainment feature) and the associated possibilities for personalization and constant Internet access. Compared to Passat, however, the golf system will be at a higher level, which promises even greater possibilities.

In terms of engines, electrification will have a big influence, but you don't have to worry about not being able to buy the Golf with a traditional internal combustion engine without any electrical assistance. Golf must also be able to burn alternative fuels, in addition to gasoline and diesel. The plug-in hybrid will also be available, but the purely electric Golf will replace the ID.3 of the electric model.

The official opening of the new VW Golf VIII is scheduled for seven am tomorrow, and Wolfsburg's live broadcasts can be watched here and on the website of the Czech Volkswagen office.

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