The Okamur SPD plays a leading role in spreading hatred in the Czech Republic


Even the SPD overshadowed the traditional right-wing extremists, whose importance, on the other hand, gradually diminished. "Some members of the movement have been very active in spreading information directed against Muslims, immigrants or Gypsies," the Interior report said.

According to her, the SPD deliberately targets groups of people who believe that manipulative information will not be subject to critical reflection.

Okamura: It's bullshit

Okamura rejects the claim from the interior, said Minister Jan Hamacek (CSSD), that the resort uses the political struggle. "He uses this to throw nonsense and fiction to undermine political competition for unfounded nonsense before the European elections." It's pretty clear with the SPD that he does not do any of this, "Okamura said. According to him, the SPD only says opinions according to its program.

In Okamura and other members of the movement, it was possible to record anti-Gypsy speeches, the interior adds. "During the year, police officers examined and postponed the criminal complaint against MP Okamura, Radek Rozvoral and Miloslav Rozner," the report said. In the case of Rozner and his statements about the former Gypsy camp in Lety u Písku, the House decided in March not to issue a deputy to the prosecution.

According to the report, several groups were formed in the refugee crisis, bringing together diverse personalities who often create disparate themes. "The only linking elements are resistance to immigrants or Muslims and criticism of supposedly decadent Western civilization," the statement said. The importance of these entities, according to the interior, with the depletion of the issue of migration in 2018 declined, moreover, there was personal animosity.

Right-wing extremist groups, according to the report, last year focused on the constant repetition of clichés of hatred, supplemented by criticism of the European Union, NATO or liberal democracy.

"The main actors, the Social Justice Workers Party and National Democracy, do not pose a direct threat to democracy. The absence of a specific political program and any experts on the scale of creative human activity led to a total fall of both parties in the October municipal elections, "the report said. They see the risk in the excesses of individuals.

Domobranecké groups, which do not pose a risk to democracy, also experienced stagnation, according to the report.


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