The noisy drug detective had to silence the officers –


According to citizens' announcements, it took place in a closed house of the First Republic, belonging to the Ministry of Interior in Bubeneč and used by the National Headquarters of Medicines (NPC) for several years. Municipal service police in Prague 6 pointed out the incident to the editor.

"Upon arrival of our patrol at the address, people who responded to the bell were contacted on the spot, where a group of apparently drunken people left the village each time, which immediately began to prove the criminal police card, arguing that it was a police of the Czech Republic ". "Said city police officers who did not wish to be quoted in the letter.

"Towing cars and shoes"

"The patrol was quite inadequate for the criminalists who left the village, being warned that they had a private celebration, that the patrol would do nothing to cancel the night of rest, since it could not enter the private grounds, regardless of whether they went supposedly from the mouths of anti-drug detectives.

In recent years, patrols have left this address several times, mainly because of the disturbance of the night.official

Even the patrol said it knew that even if the incident had been reported it would still be lost because Jakub Frydrych, the NPC director, said he had good relations with the police chief in Prague 6 and with the director of the entire police municipal Eduard Šustr.

Frydrych has his own office in the village but was not there at the time of the conflict. Just as Šuster had learned of the incident, he had not been informed by the editorial staff of the Law because the police had never reported the details of the incident. They apparently felt it was useless.

Frequent nighttime interference

"In recent years, patrols have gone to this address, especially because of the disturbance of the night, leaving the patrols several times, and always completely unsuccessful," police in the city wrote, saying they were there for the latest calls made by citizens.

City police arrived and there was communication with our police, there was some exchange of viewsNPC Chief Jakub Frydrych

Law appealed to the heads of the two security forces and they consistently refused to sweep such conflicts under the table. At the same time, they admitted that they had known each other for years, but only on a professional level.

"I started an internal investigation into this subject. According to my information, city police officers came to the scene and there was communication with our police officers, "said Frydrych, the NPC's chief, to Pravo. In particular, he said there were six members of the Drug Office, and there was an "exchange of views between them and the police."

Four or five of them, according to Frydrach, had already heard their representative of internal control.

"It was to be a patrol and I asked for the music to be silenced, the music was silenced and the windows closed and the patrol left, now we are looking for what happened somewhere near the fence for the exchange of words," said the director of elite training.

At the same time, however, he refused to know that he was aware of such incidents and night-cancellation problems of the past. "I've never received any complaint or announcement about it before," Frydrych said.

Will not happen again

At night, he told the editors that the investigation had been completed, saying that two NPC members talked to the police, and then the song was silenced and the window closed. He added that the detectives were disapproved of by the night noise that would not be repeated. "Let's wait for the official opinion of MP Praha 6 (to send email) … I'm thinking about who and why he wrote," said Frydrych.

NPC detectives, though noisy, could have committed an offense against public order, namely the abolition of night peace, for which police officers have the right to impose a fine of up to ten thousand crowns. But the police officers are covered by the Civil Service Act, and such violation would be handled by their superior, not by the municipal police.

The management of the Prague city police officers is looking at things with ease. "The patrol patrol verified the situation and it was clear from the police call that the street was calm, so there was no night interference," spokeswoman Irena Seifertová told Pravo.

Eventually, however, she admitted that the patrol call had shown that she had asked for the music to be muted and the windows closed, which was repeated several times.


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