The next bridge went to the ground, the D1 motorway in Velký Beranova is again clean after thirteen hours – ČT24 – Česká televisar


The builders demolished the viaduct built in the late 1970s, during the closing. Due to the expansion of the motorway, it has to build a new bridge, which will be completed by the end of this year, according to Jan Studecky Road and Roadway spokesman.

During the closing of the Grand Beran at 119 km and Měřín at 134 km, the D1 drivers had to descend to an indirect route running along the parallel road II / 602.

Cut Kozlov

The bridge was mainly important to Kozlov, near the highway. "We're sure to miss it. It's Kozlov's direction for Žďár, so we're now on the court side, "said Kozlova's mayor Eva Mala.

There are about 470 people living in Kozlov. According to the mayor, this year should be closed on three exit highways this year. "So we can only drive towards (on the road) 602 and follow it in the direction of Jihlava or Brno," she said. According to the modified schedule, regular buses will pass through Kozlov.

The reconstruction of the motorway between Velký Beranov and Jihlava and Měřín in Žďár began earlier this month. The contract worth 1.9 billion crowns without taxes was received by Strabag, Metrostav and Eurovia CS. Work in this D7 section of 14.7 kilometers is planned for November 2021.


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