Thursday , October 21 2021

The new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium is available for everyone


The Microsoft Edge Web Browser is waiting for a big change – in Redmond they are working on a new version that will replace the EdgeHTML rendering engine for the more popular Chromium. Recently, an internal test build appeared on the Internet, and we tried one, now Microsoft is officially launching a new Edge to test everyone.

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Today in Windows 10, earlier in Windows start and in macOS

You can download your browser at this address. For now, there are two versions available that differ in the frequency of updates:

  • Canary Channel will be updated almost daily for you to be part of the progress, which can bring instability and potential problems
  • Dev Channel will be updated weekly so that changes grow more slowly, but will be better tested
  • The beta channel is not yet available as it is, it will be the most stable test version that will be updated every six weeks. Microsoft promises beta channel arrival soon

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From Microsoft Edge, an advanced and modern browser is born but so far lacking features in the competition that include stable versions included in Windows 10. Microsoft vice president Joe Belfiore said in a post that these features will come later, as well as language packs. not). However, it can be assumed that the functions that Microsoft removed from the Chromium kernel will not return.

For the time being, the new Microsoft Edge is only available for Windows 10 (including S Mode!), But in the near future it will be able to test it in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and even MacOS. Sharp version, Microsoft has not yet reported.

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