The man on facebook cursed the "parasites." He now threatens three years


People should be aware that what they write about social networks can have very unpleasant consequences for them, according to the last case of Příbram. Police have wondered about the contributions of the 40 year old man from late 2014 to this year's facebook.

"Criminals accused four criminals, including defamation offense of one nation, racial group, ethnic group or other, incitement to hatred against a group of people, or restriction of their rights and freedoms, a manifestation of sympathy for a movement aimed at to suppress human rights and freedoms, and to deny, question, approve and justify the genocide, "Monika Schindl, a police spokeswoman, said of what a man should do.

On Facebook, the man was very active, managed to write 50 posts, commented and shared other articles and articles and uploaded photos.

"He used symbolism and vulgarism prohibited here, verbally attacked a certain group of people, encouraged them to exterminate them, or at least physical violence against them, and planned out of intolerance for some people he called parasites," said Schindl .

The man confessed to the police. He revealed that the comments were the result of frustration and disappointment in life. Now he acknowledges that his behavior was total stupidity and error. But according to the Penal Code, he is threatened with three years in prison.


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