The Klaus Institute has settled in Čaputová! Slovaks are considered unlucky


On Saturday, Slovakia chose the country's first woman, Zuzana Čaputová, to head the state. She was immediately crushed by congratulations from Czech politicians. She also received an invitation to the castle in an official letter from President Milos Zeman.

However, his victory was not the impressive Václav Klaus Institute. Its chief executive, Jiří Weigl, has published an article on the institute's website in which he writes that he does not understand why everyone is so excited about this result.

"For the second time, a country that still suffers from the absence of a tradition of its own statehood exposed the boss to a person totally unknown to lead it." It is incredible that our mainstream media can celebrate this cry of impotence, bring to heaven and set an example, "Weigl wrote.

According to him, the priority of Čaput is that she is a woman and that she has not done anything yet, so nobody can say anything about her. "Neither good nor evil," he said, "participating in the alleged Pezinok landfill dispute is a marginal community history that did not cross the borders of his home." He is said to have collected signatures for the abolition of the old Meciar amnesty. absolute, "Weigl added.

He also said that the election of Čaputová was the result of the despair of Slovak politics, decency, gender or the fight against evil. "So little is enough to reach the top. While common sense tells a person that a career policy should end with the head of state, not a candidate should be qualified as the first citizen for his or her life and merits for the state and nation, not "unnamed" took off his hat, "Weigl added.

He also asked the question of who was behind the Čaputová campaign, who actually paid or because he won the proven politician Maroš Ševčovič. "We can only see that marketing projects are still implementing the standard policy, but we already know several examples that confirm that mere marketing is not enough for a successful policy or change.

Recall the report on the election of Zuzana Čaputová by the President of Slovakia:


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