The hospital on the outskirts of the city has just begun. Bohemia has attracted series of doctors for 40 years


Betting on an attractive medical environment and especially dramatic stories of interpersonal relationships with television producers in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) has been paying since the 1970s. Its mass popularity on November 5, 1978 began the Hospital on the outskirts of city, which Jaroslav Dietl directed by director Jaroslav Dudek, according to the script. Today, hundreds of millions of viewers are enjoying the Pink Garden Ordinary or Blue Code series.

Dietle, who had been Eliska and her family's success story (1966) or was already two writers (1972), managed to create work that was still unhealthy for the public. With the exception of a youth union meeting or a mention of officials, he avoided ideology, unlike, for example, his Man in the Town Hall (1976) or the North District (1981). The center of attention has thus become interpersonal relations occupied by viewers, regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

The series began to be born in May 1976, and Dietl left for a week in an experienced hospital in Most. While writing about Magdalen's advice, he abandoned the main subject – a love affair between a doctor and a hockey player – and the series was filled with prominent figures. These include the weak Dr. Štrosmajer, who Dietl wrote directly on the body of Miloš Kopecký. Some statements from the doctor, like the phrase "If you were stupid, would fly like a dove," they entered into a common speech.

Štrosmajerův předobraz, an excellent surgeon who did not pick up the napkins, said that Jaroslav Dietl personally found himself in the hallways of Most hospital. The role of the primary owl, which Ladislav Chudík finally portrayed in the series, Dietl originally intended for another person. "It was my long dream to write a great role for Karel Högra, and I was very happy when he accepted the role," he said before the series premiered in The Free Word. Höger even started firing, but in May 1977 he died suddenly.

The creators had to deal with what the hospital continued – and the solution was found in the aristocratic Chudík. "Everybody was so surprised they felt the filming would not go on. Besides, director Dudek loved Höger as much as I did Seifert," he described his fears of entering the Chudík series, for which the owl's boss eventually became the role of life, at least in the eyes of the Czech public. His performance was so compelling that the actors stopped in the street asking for medical advice.

The popularity of the series was also brought to other actors such as Elisabeth Balzer in the role of the young doctor Čeňková, Josef Abrham as the flying doctor Blažej or Iva Janžurová, who played the pedantic sister Huňková, who belonged to Kopecký's statement about flying. The public's hospitality also won thanks to the provision of interpersonal relationships, and there was also a frequent reason for the Dietle series – the conflict of the extraordinary and stubborn hero, for which he was played intrigued and patrolled.

Jaroslav Dietl wrote for the first time and director Jaroslav Dudek made 13 parts of the Hospital on the outskirts of the city, but it soon became clear that the public longed for the new fate of the favorite heroes. The series also had success abroad, especially in West Germany. To continue filming, even the German coproducers equipped the TV studio in Kavčí hory with high-end cameras. Three years after the debut of the first series, seven other parts were added, which first appeared on the screens in the autumn of 1981.

After Dietle's death in 1985, it seemed a long time ago that there would be no further hospital stay on the outskirts of the city. In the late 1990s, Magdalena Dietlova had given her permission to prepare new parts, which after many appearances appeared on Czech TV (New TV was also preparing for a time of filming). New series – each of 13 titles – received their legends after twenty years (2003) and New Fates (2008). According to critics, however, none of the sequences have achieved the qualities of Dietl's original script.

High view guaranteed

Czech medical television series belong to the most successful spectators besides the detective series. Currently the most watched series in the Czech Republic is the Rose Garden Ordinance (since 2008 Rose Garden 2), which has been aired on New TV since 2005. Each part was attended by an average of two million viewers this year, with about one million viewers this year. According to data from the Association of Television Organizations.

Prima TV's most successful TV series is the Blue Code, with an average of 871,000 viewers over 15 years in the spring season. The story centers on the emergency department, each episode tracing cases inspired by real destinies and cases of patients and health professionals.

The first hospital series on the outskirts of the city with Ladislav Chudík played 13 parts in the lead role. After a major success in Czechoslovakia and Germany in 1981, at the request of German television, a series of seven plays was played. The series has not lost popularity for years. His resurrection on Czech TV in 2015 followed an average of 625,000 viewers over 15 years of age. It was the second best result of the night. The hospital only defeated the film Droid Crocodile in New.

The continuation of the series called Hospital in the suburbs of the city after twenty years of 2003 and 2004 was directed by Hynek Bočan. The script was written by Petr Zikmund. The first part of the hospital humiliated all private stations after 20 years. On Czech television (CT) he saw him for four million people. In previous years, ČT had a higher viewing rate in the film that Kolja broadcast in January 1998, the last third of the last hockey game at the Nagano Olympics and the TV broadcast after the return of hockey players from Japan.

Continuing the hospital series on the outskirts of the city and the hospital series on the outskirts of the city after twenty years, became Hospital on the outskirts of the city – new destinations. The script was written by Lucie Konášová and director Viktor Polesny took over. As in previous series, the plot takes place in the neighborhood hospital. The introductory part of the new series saw 1.5 million viewers in the first TC program on September 26, 2008.

Like hospitals on the outskirts of the city, Czechoslovakia was one of Sanitka's favorite series of 1984, directed by Jiří Adamce and Jaromír Hanzlík, as a health professional, Vojtěch Jandera. The plot is set in a medical rescue service. In the years 2011 to 2012 the director Filip Renč recorded other works. On September 7, 2013, the first broadcast of Sanitka 2 had more than 1.4 million viewers over 15 years of age.


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