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PAN Muscle hormone may be linked to muscle weakness associated with MTS, which is a major cause of lack of self-care. Parents of the French INSERM and the Paul Sabatier Research Center in Toulousk have found that apelin, which is a hormone secreted by a woman, is able to restore muscle capacity. The experiments were performed on the old mice, they were cheating, the French Le Express.

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Apelin injections have led to improved muscle condition and recovery of muscle wavelength. This observation leads to the hypothesis that apelin could stimulate cellular metabolism in the muscle and regenerate the wolf's muscles.

Appeal characteristics point to scientists who see the ability to use therapeutic power to counteract loss of muscle, mass and function (sarcopenia), which is associated with age and is a factor, because senio has lost selfishness.

These specimens can be considered as a tool for their diagnosis of sarcopenia, as well as promising lb in the fight against age-related muscle loss, Philippe Valet, co-author of the study and professor at Toulousk Universities, Paul Sabatier.

It is evident that senioi who regularly engage in moderate physical activity run the risk of being killed. And according to a study published in the report of the American Neurologic Academy, the kindness of the sport goes a long way, especially to literally rejuvenate the brain. Scientists have shown that physical activity in elderly people with cognitive problems improves their ability to contemplate. After six hundred exercises, his abilities improved as if they were ten years old.

The study included 100 people at the age of fifty. These people were not insane in the truest sense of the word, but had problems of concentration, decision and forgetfulness, as well as risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure. In the study, all people were sedentary. The widows divided them into the following groups: the first only practiced, the type of diet negligent, the tet practiced the woody diet and the knees of alive floated with difficulty.

Senioi, who practiced, walked, ran or grabbed an exercise bike for hours, then those widows rated their best jobs. These functions include a person's ability to control his attitude, pay attention to him, and reach his cl. At the end of the study, these new athletes improved their ability to think compared to those who did not.

The study authors stated that the volunteers had the test results from the respondents of the three hundred year olds, that is, twenty-eight years of age were not theirs. After a dozen years of acting, they corresponded to the age of eighty-eight years for a group that practiced and practiced diet. Otherwise, their brains were nine years old.

Widowers pointed out that there is now a need to conduct a deep research in these people sweats and in the middle of the time to see if it is a lasting improvement in ability and how the approach is minimal.

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