The government will not fall on Friday, we are ready to continue –


Is not it strange that on Friday, CSSD does not support the government in which its ministers are sitting?

The opposition is trying to express distrust of the government, the duty of the opposition is to guarantee 101 votes. Obviously she did not, so she tried to blow up the government through soc. dem and force us to leave the government. The opposition has no plan B, just trying to appeal to the government.

Well, but if you want to continue the government, should not you vote against the opposition proposal that wants to express distrust of Andrei Babis (ANO) 's cabinet?

It is a vote against the government and it is irrelevant how many voices will be on the other side.

You were unsuccessful at Babies with a proposal to step down from the role of the Prime Minister because of you. As a solution to the crisis, you offer early elections. Is not it just a jolt in the water because you know that another 105 deputies will not be found for the dissolution of the House?

We certainly will not begin the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies. Whoever falls in the water is the opposition. The opposition encourages the government to resign, but can not do so. You are trying to achieve this in the only way you can be shocked. Democrats.

We know that when the government falls, the president will lead the rebuilding of Andrei Babis' government.

If the opposition really wants to resolve the situation, it will come forward with a proposal to dissolve the House.

And we say that if the opposition receives 105 votes, we will add to our 15 (120 votes necessary for dissolution).

Would early CSSD elections be financially and politically ready?

Against us, the arguments have been used that we are afraid of and we keep at all costs of government seats. But we say that we are not afraid of any development. We have just said that what the opposition is doing is irresponsibility because it offers no solution.

We are ready to deliver our 15 votes for the dissolution of the House. But who wants to find the voices is the opposition. Instead of performing theater in the house.

It's obvious the government will not fall on Friday. We are ready to continue.

But it is still true that you think the situation was resolved by the exchange of Prime Minister Babis. Are you going to raise this question again with YES?

I have said several times that the Slovak model would be ideal. But the YOUTH movement is not willing to accept it.


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