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The fire brigade driver stopped at the Prague driver's circuit due to lighting –

The incident occurred at the Prague circuit on April 8, and the driver stopped the video on the Internet.

The fire driver drove in Skoda Superb. "There's a big problem here when it comes to natural light, not seeing yourself in the tunnel," he told the driver, saying he just wanted to alert him, nothing more.

The fireman stopped the driver at the city ring road in Prague

The fireman stopped the driver at the city's ring road in Prague.

A middle-aged man with a cross around his neck and a modeling T-shirt with Ace Luftwaffe's name Heinrich Bartels and a photo of his Messerschmitt machine finally showed a fireman's card. "I apologize to you," he added.

The fireman stopped the driver at the city ring road in Prague

The fireman's driver finally showed his papers.

PHOTO: Legal Protection of Drivers

Later, after the questions sent by the editor to the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service, the man was a civil servant, specifically a driver. He was fined in 2000 for the incident and other drivers were trained not to behave like that on the roads.

"In this particular case, the legal conditions for the use of a special warning device were not met and therefore the case was handled by the police in the administrative process," Nicole Zaoral, a firefighter spokeswoman, told the investigation.

Other questions like who is driving this driver and what was the purpose of driving, but left the spokesman unanswered, saying that the firemen of the case are sufficient.

In addition, it is not clear how many of these vehicles, ie unmarked damages provided with warning lights, use and for what purposes. The spokesman for the fire brigade also did not respond by saying that the statement was sufficient.

According to Roman Budsky, a security specialist and traffic safety officer, firefighters generally do not have the right to stop drivers. "What the master showed was beyond the bounds of what the law allows." Although he behaved decently but was beyond his duties, Budweis said.

The road specialist also found safety in the situation. The man's driver stopped at a bustling spot, past the tunnel, where the supposed car lighting problem had passed.

In fact, according to Budski, the firefighter created an even more dangerous situation when he stopped the driver in a busy place where the cars passed. "It was definitely not an emergency, it was an unjustified stop," he added.

The cop stopped the driver on the D46.

This is not a single incident. For example, Moravian-Silesian police investigated a police officer who stopped the driver on the D46 highway near Drzovice, Prostejov region, on a high-speed road trip, and found a quick stroll through the speedometer.

The cop's superiors are on the table. "The Internal Control Department found mismanagement. The matter was handed over to the senior service officer for adoption, "police spokeswoman Gabriela Pokorná said. Under the Services Act, penalties may be imposed as written reprimand, reduction of payment for a certain period of time, but may also be thrown out of the police.

A similar case came to the court, is a case of deputy commander of the Pilsen intervention unit Vladimir Slavotinek (53), which according to the prosecutor verbally insulted and then physically attacked the driver in control in Pilsen.

The General Inspectorate of Security Bodies also deals with the Mělník case, where a police officer in a private car stopped the driver and allegedly asked him to pay a fine.

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