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Prague He taught him to talk to the unusual, with changes of sneakers. David Haggerty, ITF International Tennis, recently congratulated the team for the Fed Cup triumph for the last eight years!

We could get the model and ruin it to the ground. At ten million dollars, you're an incredibly lively fan of the Top 10, the world of protagonists, said Haggerty.

And when I ask myself how many eskch teens are going to go upstairs, you'll be there for many years.

It meant putting the beauties to the blessing, as strange as the circumstances would be.

The first Haggerty has undergone the Davis Cup changes, which Esk Kaderka's boss and the best guy talk about bitterness.

According to them, they are surprisingly radical. It is not a tradition. Essence Boc. Both Kaderka and Kaderka Slalom right after the final: We will fight to prevent the Fed Cup from finding the same destination.

How about a powerful American funktion? People have different opinions and it is so certain. We decided to go through the process and finally agreed with 71% of the country, the ITF.

For us, the klass was to stick to the principle of the first round of the house-out and find the right spot for the finle. At the Fed Cup, we use a similar approach.

In 2019, will not be touched, and will start in Ostrava, in front of Romania, followed by the semifinals and finle.

It's me for the last time. Here are Haggerty's priorities.

The strategy is clear, eight of the world's groups are not getting enough, he said in Prague.

We would like to expand to 16, but it is also a question of hook schedule; sensitive darkness. We work with the WTA. We want dialogue. The best to follow the sneakers.

Needed Steps: There is a lot of hope that the Fed Cup will return to the bottom, it would be worth it. We would like to win the prize in cash. And going on more would be a calendar game.

One option is to celebrate (and whine) two more. The first round would be played at Nory, but the April round would be final.

The fight for the Fed Cup would therefore be amid the big American tournaments in Indian Wells, Miami and Charleston – and the impressive European style of the Stuttgart season in Stuttgart – it was a perfect time, Haggerty said.

From the point of view of the hills, it seems that it is now. OK, go to the Fed Cup because he wants to be at home or outdoors. But then? Are we in April? And where? Will I have to fly with a dog to the world? You are not sure. We know that such a problem would be solved and the players could use their own more efficiently.

According to Haggerty, there is a caveat due to the lack of American stars like Sloane Stephens and Madison Keysov. Suddenly it's too big. That's how it looks when Finley is playing in November, he said.

I hope to see reality soon. Davis Cup on New Year's Eve for a year with the finl tournament in Madrid. This makes sense, difficult Haggerty.

We do not want to find a place to get more money, but the place is a fair balance for fans and fans. We want to promote the event in Madrid next year. So it is easy with sponsors, you have more money and then it is better for you to educate your national union and you create generations

This is an idiot, the reality of the future. And if similar moms find the dams, ask for a tip on the site.

Prague is beautiful, for Haggerty. You have an arn for 15 tisc people under the tambourine. Atmosfra is a great place, a lively and comfortable place for fountains, economically accessible. Mon is forever. Prague could be very good.


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