The famous director brought the popular actor and surrounded him with beautiful women: This sexy brunette is particularly remarkable


November 9, 2018 12:31 PM

One of the most famous filmmakers of the present, the Italian Paolo Sorrentino, presents the new film Oni and Silvio. "The story of a man and only marginal politics," says the director about a film whose script was inspired by the life of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Sorrentino's main role did not seem long, he reached the best waters. As in the case of the great Great Splendor or the Divine, he played the central role of Toni Servillo. By the way, in the latter, Servillo played Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti.

They and Silvio invaded Czech cinemas on November 15. The film, which is a spectacular provocative comedy drama, offers a backstage view of Berlusconi's life, seen by the author – full of rich and opulent parties with pretty girls, drinks, etc. One of the most beautiful women mentioned is the Polish actress Kasia. Smutniak (39). His character, Kira, found his figure in the model of Sabina Beganovic.

"We can easily say that the film is about" it "or just about the" bad "motives, but the truth is that the film is about the same as those who are elected and allow their way of governing – then about us," Says Ivo Anderle of Aerofilms.


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