The development of municipalities often harms parcels with an unknown owner. The Office is looking for landlords of hundreds of thousands of land


The state is looking for owners of two hundred thousand properties. If they can not reach the end of 2023, the property will be lost by the state.

<p data = ""> In the first August of this year, the Real Estate Registry still registered 411,320 items that did not have a sufficiently identified owner.As a person may own several properties, or a property may own several people, the real estate number is looking for owners, Of this number, an overwhelming majority (190,855) of land and only about three percent are buildings (6077).

<p data = ""> The deadline is until 2014 until the end of 2023 when landlords can register their property. Anyone who does not speak within the legal deadline, the claim loses and the property falls in the state.

<p data = ""At the end of September, the Office of State Representation in Property Matters (UZSVM) began investigating 50,395 items registered in the Land Registry by under-identified owners, of which 23,857 were already investigated, compared to the end of the year. of 440 percent.

<p data = "The office, according to its spokesperson, focuses primarily on properties without the owner, which inhibits the development of municipalities and regions, and also requires owners and other authorized persons to register on their properties.

Owners do not usually sign in

<p data = ""The most frequent result of the investigation was the instigation of instigation to initiate the inheritance process (in 66 percent of cases), with the second highest number of cases proving that the property under investigation is owned by the state (12 percent of the challenge itself.

"UZSVM helps citizens find unfamiliar family-owned properties while clearing land registry data improperly registered, which is advantageous for the state, and these buildings hamper the development of municipalities in the construction of infrastructure," he said. said Finance Minister Alena. Schiller.

To see the list of land and buildings with under-identified owners, you can find these offices in different regions.


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