The Czechs fell in Notre-Dame on Emma Smetana! Even Veselovsky had to stand by her!


The sad expression of singer Emma Smetana in a photo of Monday's fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral flooded the Czech internet. Currently, no one is dealing with anything other than the question of being a regular joke or bully. What really happened in the last three days?

Emma Smetana is also a journalist who works for DVTV. She received a difficult task from her superiors on Monday due to her knowledge of the local environment, they sent her to Paris to report on the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. A single photo, however, caused a wave of more or less witty reactions.

Because of the sad Emma, ​​it has become a memo circulating on the internet. The images are based on the same formula, Emma is always in the foreground while the background changes. Smetana, for example, met in New York during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 or in one of the legendary Star Wars scenes.

Unfortunately, in many cases, everything has changed to a personal level. In recent days, Emma has been able to read a lot about social networking itself. She is silent on the subject, maybe on Instagram she prefers her upcoming shows. At least she may be pleased with the fact that her employer prevented her.

"Emma, ​​with all her knowledge of the French realities augmented by the years in Paris, was well informed about the main events of the last few days." She commented on the situation, she spoke with the French deputies. completely professional, "the statement said yesterday.

In it, DVTV reminds us that photos of Emma and the Cathedral were made as part of a news video about fires. However, her placement on Instagram is considered unfortunate by television reps, as "the photo unleashed a flurry of memes, where Emma's face was placed in completely different contexts at other events."

"But what we want to be clear and fundamentally opposed to is a flood of hateful, intimidating and extremely aggressive reactions personally to Emma." They are attacking their family, appearance, surname … In our opinion, these reactions are moving on the brink of bullying, they are absolutely unfair and brutally affect Emmy's personal life, "says DVTV staff.


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