The Czechs brought an Armenian disease that is not 60 years old. They were infected with milk


Four people from Opava were infected with brucellosis, which was eradicated in the Czech Republic 60 years ago. They were infected last year with holidays in Armenia when they drank goat's milk. The infection is transmitted to humans from animals, mainly affects the liver and causes depressive conditions. In the second half of last year, these people gradually went to the care of Opava hospital doctors, who in December managed to diagnose infectious diseases after a series of tests.

First, health problems appeared with a 20-year-old student, Barbora Mludková. She visited Armenia last July with her friend and her parents. In September, his health deteriorated. She suffered from pain in the hip, head and was unusually tired. The inflammation of the membranes has been repeatedly demonstrated. The doctors began to look for the cause. In December alone, in collaboration with veterinary experts, they diagnosed brucellosis.

"The unusual and unfavorable condition of the patient, which fluctuated as a balance sheet, was consulted with colleagues in Prague, Olomouc.We were looking for rheumatic, blood or autoimmune diseases.We again performed a wide variety of serological tests. laboratory tests were negative, "added Petr Kümpel, head of the Infection Department at Silesian Hospital in Opava.

The young doctor in the department had the idea that it might be another type of brucella that might not catch the usual tests. Therefore, blood samples were sent to special vets in Olomouc. Only then was the diagnosis confirmed. In early December, the student began taking targeted antibiotics, which should lead to her full recovery.

Three more travelers came to the doctors, who were also in Armenia and, along with Mludková, they took goat's milk in the mountains. "Everyone is hospitable." "None of us thought the great cheeses and milk could be infected." Of course, not everyone had to be infected, but only one, which we will never know, "Muddy said.


is a serious infection that occurs in domestic and wild animals. In Czechoslovakia in the sixties of the last century, it was eradicated from domestic animals using a complex and expensive comprehensive program. They are also eradicated in more developed countries. An infection can be infected through the injured, conjunctival skin, or by eating untreated milk and dairy products from sick animals. Brucellosis is treated with prolonged use of antibiotics. For example, the liver attacks the infection.


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