The crap T-Mobile car box is in the mouth. But only in April


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The need for the Chytr Auto service can be archived in the operator's shop for a reasonable price. Customers in such case, the price of smart boxes in the standard is 3 999 kroner. For a mere crown, it can be registered only until the end of April or until the end of the day. And these are very limited. According to the information of the operator, the preferential price applies only to 200 pieces.

It is necessary to add favorable prices only to the device itself and is subject to the conclusion of a new contract with a two-year draw. If you have already rescinded the contract previously or would have stripped the cheapest fare from Smart Car, the operator will have to pay the price difference between the price and the price of acne.

Therefore, the charges associated with the operation of the service are in the vi. I can choose between two tariffs with data volume. The tariff of the Chytr auto WiFi Standard 5 GB is CZK 249 and the carrier has CZK 499 for the limit of 20 GB (WiFi Premium 20 GB). In addition to the Czech Republic, Chytr auto can also be used in the European Union.

The box receiver that connects to the OBD port and is compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 2001, supports 2G / 3G / LTE st and can be connected to up to five mobile devices. Wi-Fi is only available after the car is started, after which the engine can be used for up to 15 minutes. The connection speed is not limited, so it is only percent (10 and 25 Mbit / s).

First wi-fi st (on / off, password change) user directly in the mobile application Chytr auto from US-Canadian Mojio, who has developed a platform for service. In the meantime, you'll need to log in to the T-Mobile self-service store, where data can be monitored by your SIM card. Is there a way to measure the current data consumption, it is connected to the address wi-fizadnm in view.

All standard information is also available through the mobile application. Thanks to the built-in GPS box, the car's position is tracked to you, and the user is alerted to the car by the car pulley. In addition, the OBD port also includes on-board system data that can assist cell phones online. Thus, depending on the range of data available to the user, the user may for example be discharged from the battery, the condition of the fuel and any problems with the fixed line filter or the low line filter.

Chytr auto
Schedule Data Limit Price per msc Price zazen OBD with wi-fi (convenient in April / standard)
WiFi Standard 5GB 5 GB 249 K 1 K / 3.999 K
WiFi Premium 20GB 20 GB 499 K 1 K / 3.999 K

Since April, a lot of traffic information is available for both the new and the web app, available in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. All information is stored and the server mailboxes, so the user can access them even from any computer (the same as the mobile application). The T-Mobile sputnm web application responds to the premise of corporate customers requesting easy and convenient access to office information.

The Chytr auto package is also an assisted service not only valid for the Czech Republic but also for the EU. It includes travel, departure and mechanics, to tow the vehicle to the nearest signal and to the contracted service, to turn on the vehicle (maximum of two days) or to provide informative support to the tebanonstop.

The Chytr car service is currently operating, in addition to the Czech Republic, in the American, German, Austrian and Polish markets.

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