THE CINEMA: the adrenaline of the Easter inserts in the children and in the animation


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French Drama Prayerby Cdric Kahn, he is following a young heroine hero while withdrawing lb in Catholic communities. In the loneliness of the Alps, the path of rebellion rebellion to the tk and the nvrat and the pijer vry.

Americk Horor The Llorona: Damn Quit the tragedy when the mother drowns in the child's anger and then plunges into the waves. Now go back and hunt strangers with your children.

Animovan pbh Looking for Yetti l adventurer, considered the first expert in mty. So, go on a journey to discover Yetti, missing a monkey and a hunter.

French animation is represented by snmek Mrouskov 2: away from home. This time, the heroes of the insects are ready for a safe move to the Caribbean, where they found a ladybug supernatural. Watch videos and comments.

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