The association wants to host the World Ski Championship, asks the state to repair Harrachov


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The Union therefore submitted a request to the International Ski Federation (FIS) because it closed its applications on 30 April, but asked to postpone the registration fee. Waiting for final state assurances.

The ski jumping area in Harrachov was closed last summer due to a state of emergency. Plans for its renewal complicate disputes owned by various entities operating in the area. It is also about who will pay operating costs after any rebuild.

Politicians have promised earlier that the state will be involved in repairing bridges. The Union now asks for clear assurances regarding the candidacy.

"The World Championship would be an ideal opportunity to renew the ancient tradition of jumping in Harrachov, which is historically linked to this sport. But we need a definitive guarantee of the state that will provide funding for the reconstruction of the Harrachov site, "Jakub Čeřovský, the association's secretary general, said in a press release.

Not only the gigantic bridge where the World Championships took place in 2014, but the whole area, should not be rebuilt. In fact, smaller bridges are essential for youth training. "She is currently struggling with the fact that she has no place to train in our country," Cerovsky said.

The reconstruction of bridges in Harrachov and its subsequent use would also be welcomed by the FIS. "It would definitely not be just a one-off event, but the International Ski Federation hopes to return to Harrachov regularly at the World Cup level," Cerovsky said.

The World Ski Championships took place four times in Harrachov, only two of the four planned rounds had to be skipped for the last time and the team competition had to be canceled.

At the World Championship, Harrachov regularly takes center stage with Plica in Slovenia, Oberstdorf in Germany, Kulm in Austria and Vikersund in Norway. In 2024, the Czech area is in motion.

"It is a long-term mutual agreement between the FIS and individual national associations. Therefore, we do not expect any of the other four countries in whose territory ski races regularly participate to develop opposing opposition, "said Čeřovský.

The request of the Czech union will deal with the FIS Bureau in the turn of May and June. There he will decide when the Czech party should pay the registration fee.

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