The aging of the Czech population is a challenge for health care. Focus on the care of the elderly, recommends the OECD – ČT24 – Czech Television


Falilou Fall of the Economic Section of the OECD said that one of the main challenges is the aging of the population. "Nowadays, the elderly spend 45% of health spending. If we do nothing in this area, it can reach 75%," he explained. By 2050, according to him, the proportion of people over 65 will increase from 18 to 30 percent.

According to Minister Vojtech, more and more people in the aging population will need long-term care and monitoring. "We need to provide sufficient beds and strengthen community and home care," he added.

Home care can, according to Minister Vojtech, be the key to long-term care. It could also bring about a reform of GP care, which should have a greater participation in the care of chronic patients. An ineffectiveness, such as duplicate exams, could also remove medical records sharing among doctors, according to Vojtech.

The OECD issues an economic vision for the country every two years, this year for the first time has a separate chapter on health.

Health care needs more money

The possibility of improvement is, according to the OECD, also in hospital management or the difference in quality and availability of care in individual regions. It also proposes to increase the tax on tobacco and alcohol.

According to Falla, new financial sources can be searched in the state budget because the Czech Republic spends less on healthcare than neighboring countries, both in the area of ​​co-payment and in health insurance. The way to go is local government.


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