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Tennis players are pleased with Masters' highest allowance, Pliskova would add

"I won't say I don't like it, because everyone probably likes it," Pliskova said before leaving for Shenzhen, but added: "It's a shame he is only split into the top eight, who will win anyway." "If I voted, it would increase in the first round of the Grand Slam and win more people."

A year ago, Pliskova secured $ 497,000 for the semi-defeat semi-finals. This year, she would earn $ 2,095 million for the same result. "It's a holiday bonus, but I would go there even if it was less money than last year," she said.

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This year's undefeated champion will receive a check of $ 4,725 million (more than $ 109 million), the biggest bonus in women's sports history. Petra Kvitova took $ 1.75 million eight years after the triumph at the Istanbul Masters.

"We're happy and the WTA is able to get sponsors. Maybe that's why it's played in China, because the money is there," said Kvitova. Tennis players have significantly higher subsidies than men who share nine million dollars in London. "It's good to know that we have a larger masters scholarship than men, because we've been fighting for cash prizes for a long time.

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Even in doubles, players receive high rewards. The undefeated pair earns a million dollars. "Women's sport has never seen it. There is a bomb to play for such a big prize and you can see that the Chinese are interested in playing tennis there," said Barbora Strýcová, the number one duo who plays with Sie Shui from Taiwan. -wanu.

The second Czech couple in doubles this year's high season are last year's finalists Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková.

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