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T-Mobile unlimited rates chtj. They also get 1 + 1 cell phone for free.

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T-Mobile introduced new tariffs at the end of August. And as a kind of carrier in the domestic market, it also offered completely unlimited mobile rates, including data connections. The first was Vodafone in June, just in your case, this rate can only be shared within family rates, ie at least two SIM.

T-Mobile did not have these restrictions and, in addition, all new tariffs canceled ties. Flat rate customers must complete this package and then upgrade to the new non-tariff rates. As a tet has introduced unlimited O2 tariffs, which allows the activation of tariffs for individuals and, within service associations, tariffs remain without a package.

According to carrier data, the new rates have spoiled lb. Twenty percent of all resident customers, ie non-commercial customers, have a new rate in mid-June. This means that the new fare has approximately 240,000 carrier customers. Another interesting word shows how many of these customers have chosen one of three unlimited rates. According to the operator, at the end of the year was 27%, representing approximately 65,000 unlimited tariffs activated. What's wrong with the word.

The operator offers unlimited data rates: SD, HD and Max. The first two have a certain amount of data with unlimited speed (20 and 50 GB) and then the speed is limited to 3 and 10Mbit / s respectively. Maximum fare is always unlimited speed. The largest print is about two cheaper, chosen by 85% of customers, the highest rate Max paid 15% of customers. The cheapest SD Rate was originally for select customers only and is now available to the public.

Vnon offer: 1 + 1 free phone

The operator also published its perfume offer, which will be available from November. For tariff customers, there is a free 1 + 1 telephone. In November, is a pair of Huawei models. Cheap pair Huawei P30 Lite for 7,998 crowns and free template (or for symbolic crown) Y5 2019 worth 2,999 crowns. The second variant represents a pair of Huawei P30 for 15,998 crowns and, for him, a Huawei P Smart 2019 crown worth 5,000 crowns. In December, the operator offers a pair from another manufacturer.

In either case, it is possible to apply a subsidy or a discount according to the rate, which inn and CZK 5,000. So the fare is a two year bond.

If you want to share your T-Mobile TV in advance, you get a discount on the 55 inch Philips 4K55PUS7304. The city bnch 19,990 kronor television pays 11 501 kroner. What can be done for two years. T-Mobile's top TV users will receive a free HBO channel for two ms. Major channels from November 15 through January 10 will also be accessible for free.

T-Mobile's experimental bosses showed that people with unlimited data didn't


For those interested in fixed-line Internet access, T-Mobile Acer Aspire 1 or PlayStation 4 is available at an affordable price. It is also possible to choose payment or payment, however, by changing both devices, the two-year tie concept.

The latest offer is for Twist prepaid cards. The first benefit is a 25% bonus when reloaded. The salary is always the first recharge in November and therefore in December, ie twice by the end of the year. The condition is to reload at least three hundred crowns and perform them through the operator tools.

The Dalm Twist bonus is a ron dice package. Since June 24, data volume has increased to 12 GB per year, or 1 GB per msc. In Vnon, the action will cost 499 kroner instead of the usual 998 kroner. For msnch balconies for two standard actions per 10 GB package. In November and December, it will cost 449 kroner instead of the original 599 kroner.

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