SPD can replace social democrats in government – Novinky.cz


"I find it insignificant that the government collapses into the board of the Czech News Agency," Zeman said in response to CSSD's threat that he would leave the government if the ANO in the House of Representatives voted for Michal Semin for the SPD candidate.

ČSSD sees its controversial views. The CTK Council election will take place in July. The SI and CSSD parties agreed to act together. YES's leadership asked party members not to vote for Semina. But the choice is secret.

The Social Democrats (CSSD) would have been injured, Zeman said.

"Jan Hamacek realistically pointed out that if CSSD leaves the government, government will depend on Freedom and Direct Democracy," Zeman said, adding that Social Democrats would no longer be visible after leaving office and getting hurt.

The Head of State said this in a broadcast on the eve of the CSSD's 67th Presidium meeting, which will address the party's future. He should speak not only about the strategy that the party should choose after the election in the European elections, but also about the demonstrations against the government in progress and wait for the exchange of the Minister of Culture.

Zeman and Babiš in Lány are likely to discuss this on Saturday at a regular dinner where the two politicians meet every month. At the request of the CME, the PM proposes Michal Šmarda, the Orange vice-president, who is to replace Antonín Staněk.

"If the prime minister asks about this, I will tell him that I will have a meeting next week with Mr Šmarda, and that is all," Zeman said. He added that she was the singer Eva Urbanová, who complained of the management of the National Theater. He referred her to Minister Staněk.

Zeman is not worried about the demonstration against Babis, which will take place in Letna on Sunday and should serve more than 100,000 people. He told them to go and vote in Parliament.


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