Southern Moravia under fire chamber, zpadonilskou money fever


According to the former Czech expert on mosquitoes Oldicha ebesta, the zpadonilsk virus did not deteriorate in fever until the outbreaks around the ponds.

If someone did not come in, he was not overworked. The virus will also arrive outside these outbreaks confirmed the expert.

The biggest risk of nj will be in August and on, and the virus is gone, and mates are called to bring things down to the house.

Sweat attacks the birds. At the end of the LTA and in the fall, your wife's purse can be found in close proximity to human habitations where you can look for a suitable place for pezimno. Many times, then, zalt me ​​in the apartment. And first in this period, in hot regions, they may even be in people, The ebesta for brings a way to download the virus.

Last year, because of the drought, the risk of the command was far from high. Last year, I did not take the risk of virus transmission. Although we knew what the Zpadonilsk fever was, we knew the potential threat, but it broke out so quickly, we certainly did not expect it because of the year. I would also be careful and would be careful is noted.

A city in southern Moravia, with attention, as the population will rise.We follow the situation in the vicinity of the river Morava, Josef Hornek told the Hodonnsk prefecture.

If it were too far away, or saw the great storms and rains that would make the chamber easier, the city hall is ready to go to the stations.

The vaccine against the disease has not yet developed, but only symptoms. As a precaution, it is recommended to use encephalitis keys to kill the disease.

Fatal consequences can be caused by the zoning of fever for patients suffering from disease or immunity.

To reduce the risk of destruction, use high quality repellents and place Avoid as much as possible by the camera.


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