Wednesday , April 21 2021

Shy does not know how to preserve it. Motivate Slovak players or prefer to keep quiet?

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The very fact that Shilly likes to send Slovaks there. And that does not change that instead of Ján Kozák, the new trainer Pavel Hapal is already sitting in the bank of former federal supporters.

"My boyfriend, a boy I know well and would like to go on vacation," has a sagacious understanding of even his former rival on the pitch and even coach in the Czech Republic, sometimes when he was ruled by Petr Rada. and the two made their assistants, will make the same desire in the last tournament of the League.

Save the Slovaks. Take care that the second division plays next year them. After Friday's win over Ukraine, they defeated the Czechs, because there is nothing left if they want to stay in the second division.

And by itself – keep them in the second basket of performance for the European Championship draw of December 2020, which is even more important for coaches and teams.

Hapal's Youth Bet appeared immediately

"In the match with Ukraine it was obvious that each of the players wants to appear and show up for the new coach. The twenty-two Slovaks led by Pavel to the small EURO and who now gave the opportunity to play, in particular," did not lose Shilhavi in ​​observing Friday's meeting that Hapal immediately began to infuse new game blood.

"The Slovak team did a good performance with Hapal. He played actively, challenged his high opponent, definitely played Ukraine," the Czech team coach is aware that the showdown in Eden will be much more difficult than a month ago in Trnava.

"In order to maintain second place, it is enough to draw a draw, which I would have obviously done because of the constellation in the table, but it is not possible to calculate it indefinitely. We can not wait for an opponent to go anywhere and rely being active, giving goals, "confirms that despite the importance of the match, he does not want to stray from the path he has taken on the show .

However, he confuses and thinks about one thing … If he emphasizes and keeps repeating to the players, what will the Slovaks do in the game? Remind them of how important this confrontation is for another representative future? What role can you play when you qualify for EURO 2020?

"I'm hesitating and thinking about it alone," she does not shaggy shoulders and does not play with the all-knowing. "I do not want them to be too hectic or nervous, but I do not like to get too restless, so I'll wait for them to practice and before the game, and I'll talk to them accordingly," the Czech coach admitted , of course, he was silent about the set he sends on the lawn.

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