Sexual anorexia is one of the most common, according to the study Health


m Sex sex is natural, people are not people who have just felt or are completely indifferent. This is not the case with El Pas, or the Pan-Hellenic Society first discusses the so-called sexual anorexia, the form of total sex and full sex, which can be very diverse, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Psychologist Emma Ribasov, a specialist in manic psychotherapy, says that the gender of the lack of self-esteem and the conflict between partners is not a sign of sex. There are problems that can be deeply ingrained, such as past sexually nsil lovers.

In pip weight, too, a role of a very male child, that I can make sex as a potentially dangerous activity, instead of representing it as a natural source of human emotion and lice and as a breeding tool. Like mental anorexia, my sexual anorexia not only leads to a sense of pleasure, but also to the loss of a partner and a substantial part of my own existence.

I have to assume different forms of sexuality and their classification is problematic. For example, DSM 5, the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, a biblical psychiatrist, does not refer to the term sexually anorexic but refers to a disorder called sexual aversion and defined as petrvival or fetal resistance by sexual contact or vi.

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Research involving more than 4,000 people in particular has revealed that this type of problem exists and is today.

Professor Charmaine Borgov of Groningensk University in the Netherlands says more than 30% of the students interviewed had experienced their own lives with moments of resistance in sex. Of these 30 percent, about one percent of respondents had symptoms that responded to the diagnosis of a disorder called sexual aversion: lack of sexual activity, lack of erotic fantasies, cold and withdrawal responses to sexual partner attempts and sexual or sexual satisfaction .

Another large study conducted in the United States, in which more than 30,000 people were interviewed, reported that non-pathological sexual desire problems currently stand at 43 percent. Dotzanch pt said she was in a situation where she was only a few percent of the sex and 22 percent responded to various forms of sex-related stress.

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According to the sexologist Judith Viudesov, of the Center of Psychotherapy and Sexology of the Panlle of Valencia, he practices sexual anorexia with the help of a cognitive professional, but the person suffering suffers progressively a stimulus of concern. LBA should be complex and not just focus on sexual problems, but should be aware of what is related to them, such as the fear of fools and the flesh, the feeling of vulnerability. Your duty should be the fear of sexuality, but above all the interpersonal relationships that make it possible for a loving person to live in person.


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