Saudi Arabia wants 500,000 barrels of oil to be transported in December. Break OPEC not to lose


Sadsk Arbie plans in December to sink the supply of oil to world markets, compared with the previous month of one million barrels per day. This was stated by Energy Minister Chlid Flih in Sadskoarabsk. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) intends to deal with oil-filled oil for a year, but it is not clear whether all lens can be located to reach agreement on a coordinated process.

Determined by Sadsk Arbie, the global supply of crude oil is about 0.5%.

Crude oil prices are rising, Brent pidv 2% to $ 71.62 a barrel, US light oil WTI is trading by 1.6% to 61.14 dollars a barrel.

This year, due to pressure from US President Donald Trump and other oil consumers, he earned about one million barrels a day to help offset moon deliveries for restoring the US sanction to Tehran. Some customers have been banned and can buy groceries in the meantime. As a result, fears of over-delivery have increased, with oil prices dropping below $ 70 a barrel. Jato in June, the barrel of Brent oil was sold for $ 85.

Any change, if OPEC is approved, is in favor of Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. He, like Chlif, was at the center of one of the OPEC monitors and other producing countries that coordinated oil. Nicn Novak said that if the supply exceeds the market, it will only take a few months and it will only be a seasonal fluctuation, and by the middle of the year the market would have to be rebalanced if demand were favorable.

Sadsk Arbie and Russia are the world's largest oil companies, which are the United States of the world.

According to a source quoted by Reuters, Sadsk Arbie wants to propose that OPEC and the OPEC + group be promoted by a drop in oil prices and a million barrels a day. Nicmn analysts point out that the decision on future production will also be based on how the oil market is showing a US default on the purchase of crude oil.

Flih said today that OPEC and its allies are in line with the technical analysis according to which supply for the year should be reduced by more than 1 million barrels per day compared to the same level in order to balance the market. Then it broke, that Rijd did not want to break OPEC and that the group would remain a global oil bank for a long time.

Washington Neekan gave an exception to the purchase of oil from eight customers per month during the 180 days. This land is estimated at about a quarter of a million tons of crude oil in the ntern. Shipments of crude oil may fall to about one million barrels a day in November, which will be a maximum of half of the year. Analysts believe this could be a turning point since December, as the country has benefited from oil imports.

The increase in WTI crude oil prices in the last 6 months shows the graph no. Last year, oil (WTI and Brent) entered the meddho market.

Source: TK, Reuters


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