Samsung will throat Huawei. Galaxy S10 gets sophisticated night mode


In the February debut of the Galaxy S10 (review), Samsung was attempted to special mode Super Night Shot, which had 7 shots with different exposures (up to 3 seconds when using a tripod) for handheld shooting. 17 within 30 to 40 seconds).

Although this mode has been on the Galaxy S10 since the beginning of sales, it is still not working well. Super Night Shot is part of scenes that automatically detect the software (Scene Optimizer). And unfortunately, it only detects when shooting in low light, so if you decide you want to use this mode in a different type of scene, you're simply out of luck (more on this in this article, where you can also find test pictures ).

Camera Test Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Samsung Galaxy S10 + offers three cameras

Super Night mode as independent shooting mode

I even hoped this mode, like Huawei, would have a separate item in shooting modes. But here you look in vain, but it seems that it's shining for better times. Samsung may have heard user calls and will launch a new software update during April or May to make Super Night Mode a separate item in photo modes. Three times alive!

Leaker has published information about the next update Ice universe, which is very close to backstage information from Samsung and in most cases your reports will be confirmed. The update also aims to improve the camera's algorithm, which means we should see an even better picture quality.


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