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Samsung has managed to significantly balance the competitive quality of Huaweii photo competition. Galaxy S10 series first with its dothla losk models Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro (more like Disappointment .Fok Galaxy S10 + just leveled Huawei) and the Galaxy S10 5G gave the first place with the new peak Huaweie P30 Pro compact camera pichz Snmky de huaweie has no competition). In the DxOMark test, this model reached 112 points, the same as the current top huawei.

ebek fotomobil DxOMark

112 – Huawei P30 Pro
112 – Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
109 – Huawei P20 Pro
109 – Huawei Mate 20 Pro
109 – Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Xiaomi Mi 9
105 – Apple iPhone XS Max
103 – HTC U12 +
103 – Samsung Galaxy Note 9
103 – Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
102 – Huawei P20
101 – Apple iPhone XR
101 – Google Pixel 3
99 – Samsung Galaxy S9 +
99 – Xiaomi Mi8
98 – Google Pixel 2
98 – OnePlus 6T
97 – Apple iPhone X

The South Korean supplier has the best phone on the market and Huawei did not forget to mention the same thing in the press, which came to the newsroom soon after Samsung's launch. Almost as if they were afraid of a little competition in Huaweie. Just in case the Czech market is not bt, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is only sold in selected markets and the Czech among them bohuel (somewhat logically) nen.

Samsung can boast of camera performance and not much more than Huawei. While the top-of-the-line P30 Pro is competing for the photo, it scored 119 to 117 points, but the video is reversed: the Galaxy S10 5G is the first smartphone of 100 points (Huawei pipsal 97 points in this test)) . The jet vt is divided by selfie fok, the huaweie has 89 points and the samsung photos have 97 points.

It is very interesting to submit the detailed evaluation in various disciplines, where the pelvis according to category is one, here on the other side. There are a few exceptions: in the field of artifact, that is, various image defects, Samsung leads with a score of 78 points compared to 69 for huaweie. By this we can see that in Huaweie the most intelligent was the word that left traces.

On the other hand, the zooming huawei, where the P30 Pro scored 95 points, while the top 5g Samsung scored 74 points. This is a very logical result, and the S10 5G also maintains the double zoom S10 and S10 +, while the Huawei has an optical periscope and AI zoom at the same time.

These differences also show that DxOMark m has deficiencies and limits. And the ebek organization was relatively late. It will be the case that he will have to adjust the rating to reflect the current development in this field. For example, DxOMark does not require the quality of irokohlch photocaps and, in fact, the entire zoom range or usability in the intermediate steps. The multiple optical zoom is very interesting for the huaweie, but sometimes it is difficult for the user to be satisfied with digital interpolac.

On the other hand, the P30 Pro compared to the P20 Pro is not quite as good as you might expect. This suggests that the DxOMark has set limits for shooting under low light conditions. So at the top of the ebk is a little malicious, on the other hand, it is still not a cell phone, which can serve as a guide to the sun.

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