Sad news two years after the death of Věra Špinarová († 65): His most faithful friend left


"Mom left two dogs and a cat here so that even after her death in the house, someone in the family still has to be for animals. We live in Ostrava in an apartment block, maybe my mother's four-legged friends do not like it, "said Aha! The son of singer Adam Pavlík was a long time ago (44). At the same time, he confessed that one of the dogs had recently gone to the Lord.

"Benny, a 15-year-old schnauzer his mother loved above, died. But he was old enough for that," said Adam, who had buried the Schnauzer in the garden, as his mother probably would have done. "The four year old shepherd and the cat, however, are very good at the moment," he added.

Starou a 1904 estate in Moravská Ostrava, which Věra sold seventeen years ago, the singer fell in love even though she was not in good shape. Gradually, but for a long time and lovingly repaired. Initially, she began her old retirement from home with her boyfriend, after a while they separated.

"We just split up. I have discovered that without a man I can live very well. I've been running this house for several years and I'm proud to have done it, "the singer boasted. It is said that Adam's son is in the house once. "And happy, but now it's still not possible for her daughter and her school," explained Pavlík, who now accompanies the band Heidi Janků (56) his stepmother, married to Vera's first husband, musician Ivo Pavlik († 84).


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