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Sabina (27) Reveals Dirt in the nursery –

The last swap will also be worth it! Lesbian Sabina (27) is really distracted by the dirt covered by the nursery at Markéta's house (36). She does not understand how her children can learn and live in such a mess. How will this end?

October 7, 2019 17.17 |
Author Zdeněk Drgáč

In the new episode of Wife Exchange, we know
Teplice's family, composed of Sabina (27), Martina (34) and Tadeáš (6). Activated
on the other hand, we will meet Markéta (36), Michal (28), his six
children Nella (4), Adriana (12), Diego (16), Jennifer (12), Charlotte (10),
Selma (8) and sister-in-law Elizabeth (37), who live in Brno.

Sabina and Martina have known each other for two years, both
Women had previously had a relationship with men, but over time they discovered
does not work

Sabina also finds trouble at Margaret's house. Specifically, she
stops the state of the nursery that is falling apart with dirt and
mess. “So you don't even open this drawer here, because it's
ruplej from below. This is how learning is implemented here, workbooks everywhere. How are you
so do the children teach? "
Sabina wondered at the nursery where
it's a mess.

“We always had to pack books, textbooks
especially there are deodorants in the middle ”
adds that:
she doesn't even like a dusty sill or pencil case on her desk.
"There are all kinds of wells, but learning from nowhere as well," curls
Sabina's head.

Sabina, in the foster family, realizes that taking care of six children is really
challenging but can do its job. Children even take too much
favorite. Marketa
Sabina, according to Sabina, has reservations about the education of her numerous children.

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